Fenestration Explained within a Guide to Pub Architecture and Architectural Features on Public Houses of the Midlands. Definition is augmented with photographs.


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Pub Architecture

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An arrangement of windows in a building.  Indeed, the term is derived from fenestra, the Latin word for window. Strictly speaking, in the world of architectural design, fenestration relates to the design and arrangement of all openings in a building's envelope. However, I generally refer to this when discussing a late Victorian build or, indeed, an improvement scheme where the building's frontage is dominated by a glass arrangement. The photograph below shows an excellent example of this - hardly a brick in sight!

Fenestration of the Case is Altered at Sutton Coldfield [2005]

This created a highly opaque interface between the pub's interior and the world outside. Advances in design and improvements in glass resulted in rows of windows becoming a fashionable feature. In older buildings this was achieved by inserting steel supports, demolishing the old walls and inserting large plate glass windows between thin facing pilasters.
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