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Although this website features extensive research by myself and is compiled only by me, I have been helped in many different ways by some wonderfully kind people. It was only in April 2004 that I thought I'd better start listing these good eggs as the list was growing and I wanted to acknowledge their help. If I've missed anyone I'm sorry but you can always e-mail me and I'll address this. So many, many thanks are due to:

Patrick Baird at Birmingham Central Library for allowing me to use images from the library's many collections.

Carl Chinn for the plugs on the radio and for permission to use Brummagem photographs.

Leslie Bunting at Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries for allowing me access and utilise the company's archive.

Heather Dowler at Staffordshire Past Track for allowing me to use images from their collection.

Peter Drake at the Local Studies and History Service at Birmingham Central Library for finding lots of photos and items for me.

David Hickman at Stourbridge Library for allowing me to use images from the library's collection.

Doug Lowe for the loan of his research material on pubs of South Warwickshire.

Dianne Matthews at Dudley Archives and Local History Service for allowing me to use images from their collection.

Andrew Maxam for allowing me to publish photographs from his Mitchell's and Butler's archive and for many other favours.

Stephen Penker for photographs and stories of a selection of Birmingham Pubs.

John Richards for being an important influence in getting me interested in researching pubs and breweries.

Peter Salmon for the fabulous image of a Nechells pub interior on the homepage. Oops - I've moved it.

Colleagues at Birmingham City Archives for retrieving many documents and putting up with bizarre requests whilst not getting too cross with me.

Colleagues at Dudley Archives and Local History Service for retrieving many documents in a friendly manner.

David Vickers for allowing me to publish photographs from his collection of postcards.

“We should not see print and electronic literature as in competition, but rather in conversation. The more voices that join in, the richer the dialogue is likely to be.”
N. Katherine Hayles

The English Alehouse by Peter Clark

Black Country Murders by Ian M. Bott

A History of Hostelries in Northamptonshire by Peter Hill

Chain and Anchor Making in the Black Country by Ron Moss

Handsworth Remembered by Victor J. Price

A City at War - Birmingham 1939-45

Real Ale in South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire

A Dictionary of Pub Names by Leslie Dunkling and Gordon Wright

Birmingham - The Sinister Side by Steve Jones

Around Bruges in 80 Beers by Chris Pollard and Siobham McGinn

A Paddle in Hockley Brook by Ron Smith

From Hay Stacks to Chimney Stacks by Royston and Janice Slim

The Old Taverns of Birmingham by Eliezer Edwards

Gloucestershire - A Visitors Guide to the County

Historic Thames Valley Taverns by Diana Bowerman

Gloucester - A History and Guide by Carolyn Heighway

Bristol's Historic Inns by Helena Eason

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