History of Summer Lane at Aston New Town in Birmingham in the county of Warwickshire


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Some history of Summer Lane

More information will follow for Summer Lane. I have probably created this page as there is a link from another of Birmingham's streets. In the meantime, I have uploaded photographs and newspaper articles so there is something for you to browse at the moment. I realise this is frustrating but I am always updating the website but it takes so long to undertake each element - and there is only me working on it!

Summer Lane General Hospital [c.1900]

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Summer Lane and New Summer Street : M&B Brewery Advertisement [c.1958]

Summer Lane and Alma Street : Crocodile Works [1960]

Summer Lane : Nos.12-4 [2005]

Brummagem Boozers

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Summer Lane Pubs

Ansell's - The Better Beer


Map of Summer Lane Pubs

Genealogy Connections

If you have a genealogy story or query regarding Summer Lane you can contact me and I will post it here in addition to including your message within the website pages for Birmingham Genealogy.

Atkinson's Ales

Davenport's Traditionally Brewed Ales

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Have Your Say

If you would like to share any further information on Summer Lane - perhaps you drank in one of the pubs in the past? Or maybe knew a previous publican running one of the boozers? Whatever the reason it would be great to hear of your stories or gossip. Simply send a message and I'll post it here.

Be an Ansell's Bitterman

Related Newspaper Articles

"John Hicken, an old fellow, living in Summer Lane, dressed in a dirty smock frock and having a large walking stick in his hand, was placed in the dock under the following circumstances : Mrs. Jane Perry, wife of a respectable person in Morville Street, stated that on the preceding day she was travelling, in company with a young female friend, in a railway carriage from Dudley to Birmingham. When the train had arrived near to Walsall, the defendant, without the least provocation, struck her on the head with his stick. The blow caused her much pain, and the bonnet she wore was completely crushed. The man in the dock was an entire stranger to her. [Today she looked ill, and was very pale.] All that the old brute had to say, by way of answer, was that someone in the carriage [there were several other passengers,] had thrown some orange peel at him; incensed by this, and fancying he knew the author of the mischief he, in endeavouring to strike the offender, unwittingly hit Mrs. Perry. He was very sorry, etc., and he hoped she would not press the charge; but the complainant was firm in her resolve to do this. But, as the offence had taken place in Staffordshire, the case was remanded to Walsall."
"Assaulting a Respectable Woman in a Railway Carriage"
Birmingham Daily Post : May 5th 1858 Page 1

Mitchell's and Butler's Traditional Cask Ales

"At the Police Court, yesterday, before J. Leigh, J. Walker, T. Evans and M. Ironmonger, [the Mayor,] Esqrs. John Hakin [different spelling from above article] who described himself as a peripatetic vendor of greens, residing in Summer Lane, Birmingham, was charged with assaulting Mrs. Jane Perry, who stated that on Monday last, as she was travelling on the South Staffordshire Railway, in a carriage in which the prisoner and two or three other parties were seated, and without any provocation on her part, the accused rose from his seat and struck her on the head with a thick stick which he had in his hand. Julia Lofkill confirmed this statement, and both alike denied that anyone threw orange-peel at the accused, or irritated him in any way. Mr. Neale, the Superintendent of the Railway, also attended to prefer a charge against the prisoner, under the bye-laws of the company, for being disorderly in a railway carriage, and the Bench committed him to gaol for one month."
"A Bellicose Fellow Traveller"
Birmingham Daily Post : May 7th 1858 Page 4

Ansell's Bittermen - You Can't Beat 'Em

"Thomas Deakin, of Gee Street, stamper, who was on Saturday remanded on a charge of being concerned in breaking into the house of Richard Lewis, in Summer Lane, on Monday, last week, and stealing £20. worth of wearing apparel, etc., was again placed at the bar. Mr. Powell defended the prisoner. Mrs. Lewis stated that the house was left unprotected in the afternoon of the day named, the entrance door in a passage being locked. Witness returned between eight and nine at night, and found that the house had bean entered and completely ransacked; being nearly stripped of everything moveable. The prisoner formerly lived opposite to Mrs. Lewis's, but left about a week before the robbery. Witness was positive that she locked the passage door before leaving home. None of the stolen property had been found. Mr. Green recapitulated his former statement that about a quarter past eight, on the night named, he was going past Mr. Lewis's house, and saw a person resembling the prisoner and another man come out of the house with a large bundle - so large in fact that witness at first thought it was a bed. The other man was carrying the bundle on his shoulder, and the prisoner was assisting him behind. Next morning witness gave a description of the prisoner to Detective Alexander, who apprehended him. Witness could not say that he had ever seen the prisoner before the night of the robbery, but he knew him again immediately he saw him afterwards. Detective Alexander took the prisoner into custody, from information he received, on Thursday morning last, in Weaman Street. He took him to the Detective Office, and told him the charge. The prisoner denied all knowledge of the robbery. By the advice of Mr. Powell the prisoner reserved his defence. He was committed for trial at the next Sessions."
"The House-Breaking in Summer Lane"
Birmingham Daily Post : September 7th 1858 Page 2

Mitchell's and Butler's Brew XI Beer Mat

Dare's - Perfect Beer

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Rudolfo Anaya

"There is a time in the last few days of summer when the ripeness of autumn fills the air."
Rudolfo Anaya

Newspaper Articles

"Thomas Costello, of Summer Lane, was charged by Mrs. Jane Jenkins, of Snow Hill, with an assault on Sunday night, about eleven o'clock. There is an entry at Mrs. Jenkins' house, and she heard a noise at the back door about the time named. Under the impression that some member of her establishment had come home late, she went to the door, and there found the prisoner and female. After a few words, he made a fierce attack upon Mrs. Jenkins, and kicked at her. It appeared that the prisoner had been robbed in the entry, and his defence was that in the partial darkness of the passage, he had struck the wrong person. Fined 40s. and costs, in default six weeks' imprisonment."
"Disgraceful Assault"
Birmingham Daily Post : January 10th 1858 Page 3.

Mitchell's and Butler's Cape Ale

Ansell's Newcrest Stout

Ansell's Special Pale Ale

Bar Parlour Stained Glass

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