History of Daniel Batham and Son Ltd. at Brierley Hill in the county of Staffordshire


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Some history of Daniel Batham and Son Ltd. at Brierley Hill

The first beers produced by the Batham's family were made by Charlotte Billingham who had married Daniel Batham. They had set up home together in Corngreaves Road, Cradley Heath, close to The Plough and Harrow public house. Daniel worked in a local mine whilst Charlotte kept a house with three lodgers. It was there that she cultivated her talent for brewing ale.

In the 1870's Daniel and Charlotte Batham moved to Cradley High Street and soon began working at the White Horse Inn. This pub has long since vanished but stood almost opposite the Rose and Crown. Daniel Batham took over the licence from John Attwood in 1882. And so the legend that has become Batham's brewery was officially born - Charlotte brewed the ales and Daniel kept the pub, though it is thought he started to become a brewer himself. Sons Daniel and Caleb entered the business which had begun to flourish.

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In 1904 Daniel took over the King William in Cole Street, Netherton, where production of Batham's beer continued for another 17 years before it was sold to Julia Hanson's brewery at Dudley. In 1905 Daniel Batham bought The Vine on The Delph which was previously owned by Caroline Fox, a close friend of the family [she was an Attwood, the family who had kept the White Horse Inn]. Because Daniel was busy brewing at the King William, he decided to lease The Vine but interest was minimal - competition was fierce on The Delph which already had the large Elwell's Brewery. Production of Batham's beer was slowly transferred to The Vine from the King William which was sold in 1921.

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Another pub was added to the estate in 1923 when they acquired The Royal Oak in Lye. In 1926 the brewery bought The Bird in Hand at Oldswinford and The Brickmaker's Arms in Lye and also leased the Spread Eagle Inn at Brierley Hill. Another pub was bought in 1931 - The Fountain Inn at Quarry Bank and a year later the company took the lease of The Railway Tavern in Cradley Heath, a pub that was not too far from where Charlotte Batham first began brewing ales.

A family dispute in the 1930's between Daniel and Caleb Batham led to the sale of many of their pubs to larger breweries. However, they were back into taking on pubs again in the following decade when famous names like the Royal Exchange and The Lamp Tavern were added to the estate.

Batham's Noted Delph Ale On Draught

It was in 1951 that the really significant move was made. The Swan Inn at Chaddesley Corbett, which was acquired by the Trustees of King Henry VIII in 1927, was leased to Batham's on 27th July 1951. At that time the brewery only brewed traditional Black Country Mild. The locals of Chaddesley Corbett however were used to a paler drink and would have been up in arms were it not for the company introducing their first bitter to satisfy the palates of the North Worcestershire folk.

The company almost amalgamated with Holden's during the 1950's but thankfully remained independent. The joint venture would have meant the closure of the brewery at The Vine and all production would have been moved to Woodsetton. Now with Matthew and Tim Batham at the helm, the brewery is now in its fifth generation of family ownership. In 1991 Batham's Bitter was voted Champion Beer of Britain by CAMRA.

The Journey of Batham's Beer in Photographs ...

Batham's Delph Brewery [2002]

Brewing Up at Batham's Delph Brewery [2002]

Brewer's Kit and Admin Area at Batham's Delph Brewery [2002]

Fermenting Vessel at Batham's Delph Brewery [2002]

Fermenting Room at Batham's Delph Brewery [2002]

Racking Room at Batham's Delph Brewery [2002]

Distribution Room at Batham's Delph Brewery [2002]

Loaded Dray at Batham's Delph Brewery [2002]

Batham's Delph Brewery Dray [2002]

Batham's Beer Delivery [2006]

Batham's Beer Cellar [2007]

Batham's Beer Ready to Pour [2007]

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Batham's Bull Emblem

Batham's Stained Glass

Genealogy Connections

If you have a genealogy story or query regarding Daniel Batham and Son Ltd. you can contact me and I will post it here in addition to including your message within the website pages for Staffordshire Genealogy.

Batham's Handpulls [c.2007]

Batham's Beers

Bitter : A pale yellow sweet, hoppy beer. Perhaps the most consistent bitter in the Midlands - you have to have a really dodgy cellar person to spoil this amber nectar. Having said that, some pubs serve better Batham's than others.

Mild : A dark brown sweet mild with much Black Country tradition. A classic ale. But.... this may be under threat due to changing tastes and demand. The Delph Brewery brews less and less of the Mild these days so I urge you to have at least one pint before moving on to the bitter - this will help to ensure its survival.

XXX : A sweet Winter Warmer ale with a superb balance of hops and malt. Drink with caution! It is however a wonderful beer - brewed in limited quantities before Christmas so hunt it down when you can.

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Batham's Special Strong Ale [c.1950's]

Batham's Double Brown Ale [c.1950's]

Batham's Since 1877 [Beer Mat c.1980's]

Batham's Public Houses [Beer Mat c.1980's]

Batham's Mild and Bitter Beers [Beer Mat c.1990's]

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William Shakespeare

"Blessings of Thy Art - Thou brew'st Good Ale."
William Shakespeare

Newspaper Articles

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Batham's Sparkling Pale Ale

"Death of a well-known brewer"
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Batham's Special Strong Ale

"Death of a well-known brewer"
Derby Daily Telegrath : March 19th 1894 Page 2.

Batham's Best Bitter

Batham's Delph Strong Ale