History of the Trent Valley Brewery Company of Streethay in the county of Staffordshire. Research is augmented with photographs, beer labels, pump clips, stories of local folklore, newspaper articles and a genealogy connections section for those studying their family history.


Trent Valley Brewery Company
Trent Valley Brewery Company

Some History on this Brewery
This brewery formed part of a 19th century development south-west of Streethay when a new road and railway line was constructed. The Valley Brewery Company opened a plant on the south side of Trent Valley Road in 1877. The company also erected a row of twelve cottages - appropriately named Brewery Row - for some of its employees.

Trading under the same name, the firm had previously operated opposite the Swan Hotel in Bird Street in Lichfield. This was later used as a stores for their wholesaling operation. The company also had premises in Burton Road.

The brewery produced ales from their deep spring water which was certified by R. Cartmell R.C.S. and other analysts to be of "absolute purity and was particularly adapted for the production of high class ales and stouts."

In July 1889 the company appointed Mr. J. J .H. King as their new manager. He had previously held the post of manager at the City Brewery in Exeter. He was still in the post when the company, along with 47 public houses, was acquired by the Lichfield Brewery Co. Ltd. at the end of March 1891. The head brewer at the time was Mr. William H. A. Barnes who hailed from Dorset.
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Genealogy Connections
If you have a genealogy story or query regarding this brewery you can contact me and I will post it here in addition to including your message within the website pages for Staffordshire Genealogy.

“He was a wise man who invented beer.”

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