Cycle Rides with History and Information on Pubs and Local History with Photographs and Mapping.

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Cycle Rides

Beer Drinking Cyclist

Yes, that's me ... guilty as charged. A keen cyclist doing the card at the pub. If I didn't drink real ale I might be a half-decent cyclist. As it is, I like to pedal they way I do and nip into a nice-looking pub whenever I feel the urge for a quick beer. Anyway, in this section of the website I will try to cobble together a few bike rides where you can combine some pedalling with sightseeing and a visit to the pub. Over time, there should be something for everyone - from a potter along the canal to a good century ride or a multi-day tour with some pub stops. For now you can click on the signposts below to take you to the rides I have compiled. Have fun - and ride safe!

Trooper Lane Cycle Ride

Merseyside Meander Cycle Ride

We Love Dark Star Beer - Click here for more details

Gargrave to Wensleydale Cycle Ride

Nice Cheesecake Gromit Cycle Ride from Gargrave to Hawes

Coast-to-Coast Day 2 - Lancaster to Overton

Coast-to-Coast Day 2 - Overton to Heysham

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Cycling Through The Years

Edwardian Touring Cyclists

Armchair Cyclists

Edwardian Stealth Cyclist

Blimey, It's Hot In This Photo Studio Wearing My Winter Kit

Who Needs Lycra when there are Breeks in the sale

No Consideration for Aerodynamics with These Lids

Early Cycling Team Skinsuit

Soft Landing but Heavy Going in the Long Grass

Cycling Polka Dot Jersey Prototype

What Do You Mean Call The Midwife - This Is My Sunday Best

A Peaky Blinder on Two Wheels

Oh, That's Why We Shave Our Legs

Pedal Faster Agnes ... I Can't, I've Got My Stiletto's On

My mortar board hair style cuts through the wind but my skirt is a bit of an aero disaster

Cycling Bib Shorts Prototype

Early Cycling Aerolid

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H. G. Wells

"I came out for exercise, gentle exercise, and to notice the scenery and to botanise. And no sooner do I get on that accursed machine than off I go hammer and tongs; I never look to right or left, never notice a flower, never see a view - get hot, juicy, red - like a grilled chop. Get me on that machine and I have to go. I go scorching along the road, and cursing aloud at myself for doing it."
H. G. Wells

Advertisement for Raleigh All Steel Bicycles of 1925

Advertisement for Radior Cycles

Advertisement for Sirius Cycles

Advertisement for Harry James' Cycles of Birmingham

Météore Cycles Advertisement by Georges Faivre

Art Nouveau Advertisement for Clement Cycles

Advertisement for Sirius Cycles

Advertisement for Kynoch Cycles of Birmingham

Advertisement for Psycho Cycles

Advertisement for Opel Cycles

Art Nouveau Advertisement for Clément Cycles

Advertisement for Rudge Whitworth Cycles

Advertisement for Singer-Dunlop

Advertisement for Raleigh Cycles - The British Masterpiece

Advertisement for Diamant Cycles