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Bridge Inn


Bridge Inn - Bromyard
This photograph was taken by me in 2003. I did knock the door to talk to Jeff Spragg [see right] but unfortunately nobody was at home.

Q: I have recently discovered that my 3 x great granddad, George Clewer was a publican at the Bridge Inn in Bromyard. He's listed in the 1830 Pigot's Trade Directory. I'd be interested to know if he worked at any other pubs in the Midlands or surrounding areas as he is listed as a 'Retail Brewer' on his son's marriage certificate in 1856. I haven't been able to get access to any other directories to see if he shows up. Have you any idea if the Bridge Inn is still there now, or if it has a new name?
Mary Werkhoven  Australia  8th May 2003

Q: I was searching the net for The Old Bridge House in Bromyard and stumbled on your site - someone wrote that her granddad had run the Bridge Inn [which the Old Bridge House was] in 1830. The reason for writing this e-mail is that I live in the Old Bridge House at Bromyard so yes this black-and-white building still exists. I can send photographs and you're welcome to a virtual tour around The Old Bridge House.
Jeff Spragg  Bromyard  28th June 2003

A: Wow. What an exciting response - yes please can you send some photographs to me. And if you have the deeds can you shed any light on the building's previous life as a public house? Any information and material would be most helpful and much appreciated. Kieron

Q: The Bridge Inn is no longer a public house. It is now a private dwelling. It is a black-and-white building situated on the A44 at the bottom end of Bromyard by-pass, near the mobile home site. During the English Civil War the King stopped at Tower Hill House, Bromyard, on the night before the Battle of Worcester and his officers stopped at the Bridge Inn.
Trevor Penson  9th July 2003

Q: Thanks for posting the photograph of my house - it's great knowing that I live somewhere that is of interest to others. Strangely enough, I have just re-mortgaged and had some details through as to who owned the house before and one guy Robert Griffiths died on 31st January 1970, not just the DATE I was born, but the DAY I was born. I will contact my new mortgage company for a copy of the deeds and let you know what I find out.
Jeff Spragg  Bromyard  28th July 2003

Kite's Nest Inn

Kites-Nest-InnStretton Sugwas

1887 Sale Notice at Kite's Nest Inn at Stretton Sugwas
An 1887 sale notice for the household furniture and effects at the Kite's Nest Inn at Stretton Sugwas.

Q: I know so much about my family at the Kite's Nest Inn at Stretton Sugwas but could always do with a bit more information, particularly whether or not my ancestors, who were there for many years, actually owned the inn. Here are some of the details..... 1840 Mary Bowles, widow married William Kearn [my ancestor] a cooper. 1841.... Innkeeper Sarah Chandler, daughter Mary Kearn, son-in-law William Kearn, a cooper adjoining the inn. An 1851 trade directory lists Sarah Chandler as the innkeeper of the Kite's Nest Inn. She is also recorded in that year's census, along with son-in-law William Kearn who was still a cooper by trade. An 1858 trade directory records Mary Kearn as the licensee as does a directory dated 1863. However, in 1867 James Mattey is the licensee. In 1879 Mrs Mary Ann Hill was at the Kite's Nest. The 1881 census seemingly shows the sons elsewhere away from Stretton Sugwas and I cannot find Mary Kearn. In the 1891 census she is lodging on Hay Road, aged 85 years. She died in The Lakes [some sort of home?] perhaps she lived off the profits from the Inn? By now I had given up on the Kite's nest and the Kearn family. But, on checking the 1901 census I had a great surprise. Edward Kearn, son of William and Mary Kearn was back at the Kite's Nest having lived in Hertfordshire from 1870 until at least 1891. Edward's wife and three of their children were all living at the Kite's Nest. Is it possible they owned it all those years but after the two sons moved away put in managers for the Inn? Both sons left when they were young and moved to opposite parts of England to be gardeners. Edward appears to have moved back on the death of his mother Mary Kearn. How can I find who owned the Kite's Nest Inn during those years?
Margaret Grundy  Essex  3rd September 2008

A: The two readily-available sources for details of ownership are the deeds and the licence register. The latter is held at Hereford's Archive [] The National Archives throws up this interesting item: BD63/4/6 28th March 1876 - Thomas Lloyd of Stretton Sugwas, tailor. His real and personal estate prior to his trial for shooting at Thomas Webb with intent to do him harm. Cottages known as Wood Terrace and Kite's Nest Public house, Stretton Sugwas. Cottages 22, 28, 29, Canon Moor Street, City of Hereford. Woodland in Credenhill. The Volunteer Inn, cottage and land in Marden. Brockhall Croft and land, Stretton Sugwas. Messuage and garden in the occupation of James Wall, Stretton Sugwas. As you can see, Thomas Lloyd had a good number of property assets. These documents relate to his assigning them to Thomas Prosser and William Ashburner so that they were held in trust prior to him appearing at the Assizes. At the court he was sentenced to prison for a term of fifteen years. He was released early and he returned to Stretton Sugwas to run the Kite's Nest Inn. Dating from 1887, the notice above relates to the sale of the furniture at the Kite's Nest Inn, along with a rick of prime hay, cart, spring pony cart, pony harnesses, poultry, hogsheads and casks, tools and other outdoor effects. I have not ascertained the reason for this sale - perhaps the pub passed to a brewery. I need to go and check that licence register myself!!!! Kieron

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