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James Innes Wilson

tbcSutton Coldfield

Q: I am researching my family history and am presently trying to put together the life of my grandfather, James Innes Wilson. My father never talked about his father and my grandfather died before I was born. I know that my grandfather died in Birmingham in August 1940. I have been able to locate only one record of a person with this name who died at this time. In the deaths register he had been living at No.75 Highbridge Road, Sutton Coldfield and the occupation was given as a brewer's engineer. Would there be any records available in any archives where I could research and find which brewery he worked at and any other relevant information?
George Wilson  Lossiemouth, Scotland  29th August 2009

A: Sutton Coldfield is not a million miles away from the many breweries that were located in Aston so perhaps your grandfather commuted to work. In which case you have quite a task determining the brewery at which he worked. As far as I know there was no major brewery in Sutton Coldfield so Aston seems the most likely. Birmingham City Archives does have some material for Ansell's brewery but I am not sure if this includes details of employees. Kieron

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