History of Pubs and Breweries of the Midlands Region with photographs, licensees and family history.


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The Bar of the Royal Oak Inn at Amblecote [c.1955]

This website aims to record and preserve the histories of the pubs, inns, taverns and breweries of the Midlands' region. There is an emphasis on Birmingham and the Black Country, however other towns and places are featured. Consequently, you will find sections on other counties of the Midlands region, though maybe not in such great detail. The website is a great resource for those interested in public houses and breweries but also offers a wealth of information for those researching social history and genealogy. There are thousands of images and hundreds of maps and plans for you to browse and enjoy. Considerable effort and expense has been employed in order for web browsers to have the benefit of all the resources available to me. For example, this interior photograph of the Royal Oak at Amblecote, along with an exterior view of the Anchor Hotel in Cradley Heath, are two of the many ultra-rare images featured on the site.

The Anchor Hotel at Cradley Heath [c.1947]

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Website Activity Log

Added January 12th 2018 : Some history of the Angel Inn at Alfreton, rebuilt but originally thought to be the oldest inn at Alfreton.

Added January 7th 2018 : Some history of the Black Horse Inn at Castle Donington, a pub located on Castle Hill with a history of basket-making.

Added January 3rd 2018 : Some history of the Hydraulic Inn located on Lodge Road in Hockley, a favourite boozer with workers at Scribbans's Bakery.

Added December 27th 2017 : Some history of the Town Hall Tavern located on Ann Street, a pub with four names that stood on the site later occupied by the Council House.

Added December 18th 2017 : Some history of the Fly in the Loaf located on Hardman Street in Liverpool, with commentary on the traditional pub vs. craft beer scene.

Added December 12th 2017 : Some history of the Vampire Tavern located on Great Hampton Row in Hockley, a pub with quite a unique name.

Added December 4th 2017 : Some history of the Hyde Arms located on the corner of Clark Street and Hyde Road in Ladywood, a pub that took over the role of the Herefordshire House.

Added November 29th 2017 : Some history of the Guildford Arms located in Farm Street at Hockley with a family connection to Tibet!

Added November 19th 2017 : A short history of the Bricklayers' Arms located in Allison Street at Digbeth that once had its own brewery.

Added November 12th 2017 : A short history of the Victoria Hotel located in Albert Road at Aston that was a victim of the Aston Expressway development.

Added November 10th 2017 : Roving report on a trip to Sheffield with information on the pubs, breweries and the beers. Lots of historical stuff too!

Added November 1st 2017 : Long-serving gaffer Melvyn Wood leaves the Vine Inn at Brierley Hill.

Added October 27th 2017 : Some history on the Railway Tavern at Cradley Heath, one of the 'lost' Batham's pubs.

Added October 24th 2017 : Some history on the Neptune Inn at Old Hill.

Added October 23rd 2017 : How Batham's beer gets from the mash tun to your glass in photos ....

Added October 2017 : A look at the pubs around part of The Fylde as part of a Cycle Ride with stops for other historical buildings and places.

Added September 2017 : Lots of pub and other information on my Blog for September which features accounts on our recent visit to Lancaster.

Added August 16th 2017 : Some history on the Barley Mow Hotel at Leicester.

Added July 21st 2017 : Some history on the Wyche Inn formerly the Herefordshire House at Malvern.

Added July 10th 2017 : Elan Valley Cycle Ride starting and finishing at the Cornhill Inn at Rhayader.

Added July 3rd 2017 : Treasure Hunt starting and finishing at The Plough in Wollaston, designed for bicycle but possible to complete in a car Click here for more details and clues.

Added June 8th 2017 : Some notes on Patshull from a recent cycle ride to the border of Staffordshire and Shropshire.

Added April 14th 2017 : A map of pubs in Summer Lane, Aston New Town. The page has some work yet but at least the map may help with identifying where all the boozers were located.

Added April 11th 2017 : Some detailed history on the Bull's Head on the corner of Price Street and Loveday Street in Birmingham's Gun Quarter. The page features a plan of the St. Mary's Estate of the Lench's Trust, along with some lovely interior photographs of the Bull's Head plus some information on the Victoria Brewery of John Fuller and Son.

Men Drinking in a Pub [c.1954]

Does anyone remember the days when men used to get dressed to go to the pub? When they'd have a laugh but remain within decent guidelines? When men would show deference to the licensee? When they would offer their seat to a woman or an elderly guy? When they wouldn't swear every other word? When they didn't stop the conversation because they had a tweet to read or a mobile call to take? When they didn't wear hoodies and nip in the toilets to score? When they knew they'd had enough? When they knew how to put the young one's in line for playing up in a public house? This website goes some way to remember those days.

Women Drinking Beer

The website is not all about blokes and flat claps and every effort is made to discuss the provision of drinking spaces for different sexes. And here's where the women's audience come in - it would be great to hear about your experiences of drinking in a boozer. Or maybe you have a viewpoint on the role of pubs and the sexual divide? Whatever your opinion, it would be great to here of your stories and experiences. By the way, here's one for the whippersnappers ... those aren't i-phones in their protective covers, they're spectacle cases!

Saturday Night in the Pub Lounge [1949]

It's 1949 and people are still on rationing. But they put a brave face on things for Saturday night in the pub's lounge. Time to put on the best bib and tucker and enjoy a bottle of stout amid the local community.

Lounge Drinkers [c.1950]

Talking of drinking in the pub lounge ... the place for 'respectable' couples to be seen and where the ambience was a little more genteel. Being working-class, I have always enjoyed the atmosphere amid fellow riff-raff in the bar but, for many, a night in the lounge represented the upright side of boozing. Have you ever hung out in the posh room of the pub? Please share your memories of social climbing here or by posting on the website's Facebook page.

Family-Run Pub

Were you part of a family that kept a pub? Or have you patronised a tavern where the same family had the place for decades? In a world of revolving-door publicans, this is just the sort of thing I want to hear about. Back in the day there were some boozers that were run by the same family for generations which helped boost the pub's mythical status. Nowadays it is rare for a licensee to make it beyond the classic nine year itch of three years to get the place running as planned, three years to enjoy the place, and three years for the love affair to end or it all going pear-shaped. But if you remember a long-serving family of publicans please share your memories here or by posting on the website's Facebook page.

Cliff Richard Collecting Money in a Pub for Oxfam [c.1962]

Cliff Richard begging in a pub! That would make a great red-top tabloid headline. And yet here is Indian-born Harry Webb getting drinkers to fill up his collection tin. Check out the poster-placard  -  a slogan that's as true today as it was here in the early 60's : "Oxfam can do a lot with the price of a pint." Something to think about next time you see a Sooty or whatever on the counter. This image got me thinking about the Salvation Army who used to come into one of my locals every Friday night. They'd do a sweep of the pub and on to the next. And if I was on a pub crawl I would bump into them a few times during the evening, looking no doubt the worse for wear than they did. Still, better than that bloke who used to drift around flogging dodgy seafood. But getting back to Cliff - imagine being confronted by the Top-of-the-Popster when you were sipping your pint. Maybe it would have been irresistible to offer a tenner for the collection box if he did a Karaoke number for the boozer. Then again, maybe not.

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A Halted Mail Coach by Henry Thomas Alken [The British Postal Museum and Archive]

"At each Inn on the road I a welcome could find; At the Fleece I'd my skin full of ale; The Two Jolly Brewers were just to my mind; At the Dolphin I drink like a wheale. Tom Tun at the Hogshead sold pretty good stuff; They'd capital flip at the Boar; And when at the Angel I'd tippled enough, I went to the Devil for more."
Mail Coach Guard

Bar Parlour Stained Glass

Beer is Best Poster

Pipe Smoker with Beer

Victorian Saloon Bar

Drinking Beer from a Tankard

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