This page attempts to explain the significance and meaning behind the Fox Inn Sign. Research is augmented with photographs of pub signs.


Inn Signs
Inn Signs

Background Information
The sign of The Fox is naturally very common in rural areas but can also be found in our towns and cities - just like the real thing really.

The sign of The Fox has been used since the late fifteenth century. Today's Fox signs often illustrate a lone fox depicted in comic form. For example, the fox is often shown sitting in the pub enjoying a pint whilst the hounds run past the building.

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Many signs of The Fox used to carry the verse: 'I am a crafty fox you see, but there is no harm in me, my master he has placed me here, to let you know he sells good beer.'

The first sign in the gallery above hangs on the Fox Inn at Lutterworth; the second sign can be found at Oadby near Leicester - hence it is in the colour of Everard's. The next three images are from The Fox at Shipley at various dates since 1970.
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Inn Sign
Inn sign of The Fox at Oadby [2004]

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