This page attempts to explain the significance and meaning behind the King Arthur Inn Sign. Research is augmented with photographs of pub signs

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Information on the King Arthur Inn Sign

When I was a youngster I can remember the King Arthur in Dudley having a large model of King Arthur on horseback mounted on an oak post. It was quite a sight. I wonder where this is located now - possibly in somebody's back garden. By the time I got to taking photographs of inn signs this signboard had deteriorated somewhat so I have tidied it up a little.

The signboard featured a fine illustration of King Arthur standing on the edge of the lake in which his famous sword is being offered up by the Lady of the Lake. Well, according to Arthurian romantic legend, it was a lady - the artist however seems to have painted a rather masculine hand.

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There is, of course, another legend that pervaded following Robert de Boron's poem "Merlin," in which Arthur, following in the Nordic tradition, obtained the British throne by drawing a sword from a stone. In this legend it was claimed that the only person who could pull the sword from the stone was indeed the rightful heir to the throne of England.

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King Arthur Inn Sign

Inn Sign of the King Arthur at Dudley [1989]

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Gilbert K. Chesterton

"On a lonely sword leaned he, Like Arthur on Excalibur, In the battle by the sea."
Gilbert K. Chesterton