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King of the Belgians

Background Information
This inn sign at Hartford near Huntingdon depicts Albert 1 who reigned as King of the Belgians from 1909 to 1934. However, this historic tavern was formerly known as the King of Prussia, a sign that generally referred to Frederick The Great who was viewed as a hero in England following his alliance against the French in 1756.

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There were other public houses bearing his name but, following the outbreak of the First World War, the sign became rather awkward for publicans and would no doubt be bad for trade. Most changed the name of their house and this pub converted to King of the Belgians. Ironically, this monarch had close connections with Germany. However, he opposed German forces entering Belgium in 1914 and subsequently served in the Belgian army, particularly during the Siege of Antwerp and the Battle of the Yser. King Albert I died in 1934 at the age of 58 when mountaineering in the Ardennes region of Belgium near Namur. He was succeeded by his son Leopold.
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Inn Sign
Inn Sign of The King of the Belgians at Hartford [2014]

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