History of The Folly at Towcester in the county of Northamptonshire


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Some history of The Folly at Towcester

Located south of Towcester opposite the racecourse, The Folly was operated by Charles Wells at the time of this photograph in August 2003. Dating from the 18th century, the building was not always a pub. However, by 1881 it was kept by George Powell, an innkeeper born in the town around 1834. His wife Ellen hailed from Deddington in Oxfordshire. A former labourer, George Powell had previously lived at another of the town's pubs run by Betsy Smith.

The Folly at Towcester [2003]

The pub suffered some damage on New Year's Day 1895 when a fire broke out at the rear of the inn. The pub was busy during the evening and, as a result, many of the customers rushed out to help save the building. Two engines of the Towcester Fire Brigade were quickly on the scene and, assisted by fire crews from local towns, saved the Folly Inn for future generations.

Technically, the pub was called the Folly House during the late-19th century and early Edwardian period. George Peasnell was mine host in 1903. A former shoemaker, he had married Sarah Hammond in 1875. The couple kept the Folly House for a number of years before moving to Queen's Terrace from where George took up his old trade again. He lived to the ripe old age of 90 when he died in 1937. He must have seen many changes in his lifetime, a period of great transformation in England.

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Licensees of this pub

1881 - George Powell
1903 - George Peasnell
1928 - Herbert Victor Bagshaw

Genealogy Connections

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Charles Wells' Bombardier Bitter

Inn Sign

Inn Sign of The Folly at Towcester [2003]

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