Essential 45rpm Records to Slot Into a Pub Jukebox - Record No.0718 Har Mar Superstar : Late Night Morning Light

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Pub Jukebox 0718 : Har Mar Superstar : "Late Night Morning Light" [2013]

I don't think I'll ever stop getting excited when the postman comes into the pub to deliver a new record to play. He arrived around noon with this album and I have been playing it for a couple of hours as both me and the customers are totally loving it. Released in 2013, "Bye Bye 17" and is something of a mini-classic. Up until hearing this I had completely dismissed Har Mar Superstar as something of a novelty performer in the contemporary R&B style that some described as tongue-in-cheek hip-hop. During this period his songs were overtly sexual and he often performed them whilst getting his kit off. But after a spell of song-writing in New York, Sean Tillman [his real name] took himself off to Austin, Texas to team up with a soulful band with a retro-sound harking back to the classic 1960's deep south. The production is a bit lo-fi and consequently has a Phil Spector feel. It could have been sharper like the Dap-Kings but the rough-and-ready sound lends to its charm. Where it gets really funky the album sounds like an early-mid 70's affair by Stevie Wonder with Prince at the helm. "We Don't Sleep," for example, really packs a punch. Indeed, listening to this set one would think he had truly found his niche. However, his more recent "Best Summer Ever" wanders off into electronic-land. So perhaps this will be the defining moment in his eccentric and eclectic career. For now just click on the video link for "Late Night Morning Light." It's soul music but not quite as you know it.

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Har Mar Superstar - Bye Bye 17

Har Mar Superstar

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