Pub Quiz League Round 3 : Ten Questions on the subject or theme of Dagenham.

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Pub Quiz League Round 3 : Dagenham

Dagenham? An usual round you may think - it came to me after watching the film "Made in Dagenham." But I like setting unusual rounds of questions and it makes this pub quiz a little more unique. As in other rounds, the questions are, at times, slightly oblique, so you may have to think laterally. The total number of points available is 20 - some questions being a little harder to crack than others! By the way, I think this is a really tough quiz round.

Question 1

From where in the UK did the Ford Motor Company re-locate to Dagenham in 1931?
Correct Answer = 1 Point

Question 2

Portrayed in the film "Made in Dagenham," which woman was born in Chesterfield in 1910?
Correct Answer = 2 Point

Dagenham and Kew

Question 3

What is the connection between Dagenham and Kew Gardens?
Correct Answer = 3 Points

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Question 4

What does Dagenham have in common with Barking, Ilford, Walthamstow and West Ham?
Correct Answer = 3 Points

Question 5

"On which farm estate was there once a cinema and concert hall housed in a hut?
Correct Answer = 3 Points

Dagenham Pub

Question 6

What is the opening line of the book published in 1851 that is commemorated by a pub north of Dagenham [pictured above]?
Correct Answer = 2 Points

Question 7

In which thoroughfare of Dagenham is there a plaque commemorating the date of November 7th 1921?
Correct Answer = 2 Points

Question 8

Name the former Maverick born in Dagenham in 1949 who was later voted Australian of the Year?
Correct Answer = 2 Points

Dagenham Women

Question 9

Which public house in Dagenham was formerly known as the Queen's Head?
Correct Answer = 1 Point

Question 10

Which singer featured on the film soundtrack of "Made in Dagenham" sang "won't cross no ocean?"
Correct Answer = 1 Point

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