Pub Quiz League Round 1 : Ten Questions on the subject or theme of Rugby.

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Pub Quiz League Round 1 : Rugby

The opening round of the Pub Quiz League is devoted to the subject of Rugby - simply because at the launch of this feature of the website the first matches of the Six Nations Tournament had just been completed. In keeping with the quiz league's premise, the questions are, at times, slightly oblique, which will get the grey-matter ticking over. The total number of points available is 20 - each answer having a given value. Consequently, it is one point for an easy question but more for trickier brain-teasers. This is the league's form of discriminating power so that the cream rises to the top! Please note that the questions are NOT all related to Rugby Union.

Question 1

Born in Salford in 1806, which scholar of Rugby School is credited with inventing the game of rugby in 1823 when he picked up the ball and ran with it?
Correct Answer = 1 Point

Question 2

Played on March 27th 1871, which two teams contested the first recognised international rugby fixture?
Correct Answer = 1 Point

Rugby Union Players

Question 3

Take a look at the photograph montage above - what do these seven Rugby Union players have in common?
Correct Answer = 4 Points

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Question 4

What is the main link between televised editions of The Marathon and Rugby League during the 1970's?
Correct Answer = 4 Points

Question 5

"Tom Brown's School Days" is a novel based on the experiences of which author educated at Rugby School?
Correct Answer = 1 Point

Rugby Postage Stamps

Question 6

Name ALL the rugby players featured on the above postage stamps?
Correct Answer = 2 Points

Question 7

Name the city in North Dakota that is cited as the geographical centre of North America?
Correct Answer = 1 Point

Question 8

In 1873 two teams, Banks and City, faced each other in a game of rugby. Name the city where they played?
Correct Answer = 1 Point

Rugby Player

Question 9

Name the player in the above photograph?
Correct Answer = 4 Points

Question 10

Who is credited with establishing a women's rugby team in Portora Royal School in Enniskillen in 1887?
Correct Answer = 1 Point

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