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 Pub Walks in the Midlands Region

These pub walks are provided free for you to enjoy a good pub after a couple of hours exercise. At least you burn off calories before you put them all back on again! But seriously, do not attempt any of these walks in your flip-flops and without a map and other equipment. Even in this over-populated country you can suddenly find yourself in a pickle in the middle of nowhere with not a soul to be seen. I am only a leisure walker but always take a small rucksack with a few essentials. Here's a few items you should consider carrying... mobile phone in case you fall over and need help, a whistle to attract the attention of nearby walkers or farmers in such a situation, water bottle particularly in hot weather, plasters in case of a blister, energy supply such as a banana. Other items such as a compass and torch may be useful but these walks are fairly easy to read on a map. Of course, a good pair of walking shoes or boots are essential. I tend to wear zip-off walking trousers and carry a waterproof just in case. I hope you enjoy these suggested routes and, of course, the pub at the end of the journey - beer always tastes better after a good walk.





Walton-Clent Loop

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