History on the town of Amblecote in the county of Staffordshire. Research is augmented with photographs, details of licensees, stories of local folklore, census data, newspaper articles and a genealogy connections section for those studying their family history.



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List of Pubs
Acorn Inn
Alhambra Stores
Barrel Inn
Beehive Inn
Birch Tree Cottage
Board Inn
Bridge Inn
Builders' Arms
Cottage of Content
Cross Keys
Dudley Arms
Eagle Tavern
Fish Inn
Foster's Arms
Glassmakers' Arms
Green Dragon
Greyhound Inn
Holly Bush Inn
Hope and Anchor Inn
Little Pig Inn
Moorings Tavern
Navigation Inn
Old Dial Inn
Park Tavern
Pear Tree Cottage
Pheasant Inn
Queen's Head Inn
Red Lion Inn
Rising Sun
Robin Hood Inn
Roebuck Inn
Royal Oak Inn
Stamford Arms
Starving Rascal
Stocking Inn
Swan Inn
Swan With Two Necks
Ten Arches
Unicorn Inn
Waterfall Inn
White Horse Inn
Woodman Inn

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Genealogy Connections
If you have a genealogy story or query regarding the Amblecote area you can contact me and I will post it here in addition to including your message within the website pages for Staffordshire Genealogy.


Newspaper Articles
"Notice is hereby given that the Trustees of the Turnpike Roads leading from the Market House in Stourbridge to Bromsgrove, Wordsley Green etc. intend, at their next General Meeting appointed to be held at the Talbot Inn in Stourbridge on Tuesday the 24th day of April inst. to let to the best bidder, the Tolls arising from the several Gates erected within the said District, viz. Oldswinford, Harefield and Audnambrook, from the 5th day of May next. It will be expected that the next Taker pays one month's rent in advance, and to give security to the Commissioners satisfaction for the future payments, before he enters. For further particulars enquire of Mr. B. Richards of Stourbridge, Treasurer to the said Trustees."
in Aris's Gazette 2nd April 1770


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Banks's Imperial Mild Ale [1960's]

Not One to Mix with the Riff-Raff in the Bar

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1950 Advertisement for Mitchell's & Butler's

Hilaire Belloc on a Wills Cigarette Card [1937]
"When you have lost your inns, drown your empty selves, for you will have lost the last of England.”
Hilaire Belloc
Preface to The Four Men [1911]

Work in Progress

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Édouard Manet "The Merry Beer Drinker" [1870's]

Comic Postcard - Pub Opening Hours

Comic Postcard - Money Matters

Trade Directories
1888 Trade Directory
Abbot Elizabeth, Grocer, Brettell Lane
Addison William, Solicitor, Soham Villas, Brettell La.
Baker Ann, Confectioner, Coalbourne Brook
Berrington Benjamin, Builder and Wheelwright

George Best ~ Newsagent, Coalbourne Brook
William Bloomer ~ Timber Merchant, Old Wharf
John Bradley & Co. Iron Manufacturers ~ The Wharf
Joseph Bridge ~ Shopkeeper, Brettell Lane
Samuel Broughton ~ Shopkeeper, Brettell Lane
Joseph Burton ~ Chair Manufacturer, Coalbourne Brook
Henry Cartwright ~ Hay and Straw Dealer, Coalbourne Brook
Castrey and Gee ~ Glass Manufacturers
Frederick Chitty ~ Coffee and Refreshment Rooms, Coalbourne Brook
Sarah Jane Clempson ~ Greengrocer, King William Street
Helen Cumpson ~ Dressmaker, Coalbourne Brook
Alfred and James Davies ~ Glass Manufacturers, Dennis Park
Joseph Hammersley Davies ~ Hair Dresser and Bird Preserver, Lwr High Street
James Davis ~ VLinen Draper
George Denton ~ Herbalist, Holloway End
Mary Ebery ~ Dressmaker, Collis Street
James Edwards ~ Dairyman, Amblecote Lane
John Edwards ~ Greengrocer, Coalbourne Brook
William Edwards ~ Cowkeeper, Amblecote Lane
George James Eveson ~ Coke, Coal and Lime Merchant, The Wharf
Walter Field ~ Grocer, Brettell Lane
John Finley ~ Shopkeeper, Holloway End
Thomas Fletcher ~ Shopkeeper, Brettell Lane
Henry Glover ~ Grocer and Agent for W.A.Gilbey
Herbert Green ~ Plumber, Brettell Lane
Thomas Green ~ Shoemaker
Thomas Green Jr ~ Coal and Coke Merchant, Coalbourne Cottage
Isaac Guest ~ Musical Instrument Dealer, Coalbourne Brook
John Guest ~ Builder and Contractor, The Platts
Mrs Thomas Haden ~ Glass Manufacturer, Brettell Lane
John Hall & Co. ~ Fire Brick Manufacturers
John Hall & Co. ~ Farmers
Arthur Harbidge ~ Shopkeeper, Holloway End
George Harris ~ Greengrocer, Coalbourne Brook
Henry Hatton ~ Greengrocer, Holloway End
William Hazledine ~ Hairdresser, Coalbourne Brook
Mose Heal ~ Plasterer, Coalbourne Brook
John B. Herbert ~ Painter, Collis Street
John Hill ~ Glass Engraver
Joseph Hill ~ Shopkeeper, Brettell Lane
William Hillman ~ Shoe Maker, Holloway End
Levi Hingley & Son ~ Glass Manufacturers, King William Street
William Hobson ~ Butcher, Brettell Lane
William Hobson ~ Shopkeeper, Collis Street
Alfred William Hopton ~ Grocer, King William Street
Fras. Horton ~ Florist, Villa Street, Dennis Park
George Handel Jones ~ Boot Maker, Brettell Lane
Thomas Jones ~ Tailor, Coalbourne Brook
Mrs Rose Anna Knill ~ Shopkeeper, Brettell Lane
John Lemont ~ Shopkeeper, King William Street
Benjamin Levi ~ Glass Cutter, Brettell Lane
Miss Mary Levi ~ Stationer, Fancy Draper & Post Office, Brettell Lane
Mrs Ann Male ~ Shopkeeper, Collis Street
Thomas Mitchell ~ Coalbourne Hill Glass Works
Henry Molineaux ~ Dairyman, Amblecote Lane
Charles Moody ~ Butcher, Collis Street
Thomas Moore ~ Shopkeeper, Brettell Lane
Alexander Norris & Sons ~ Spade Manufacturers, Wollaston
Edward Orford ~ Joiner, King William Street
Alfred John Otter ~ Coal Merchant, Holloway End
David Palmer ~ Shopkeeper, Lower High Street
George Palmer ~ General Dealer
John Henry Parkes ~ Shopkeeper, Holloway End
Sarah Parks ~ Shopkeeper, King William Street
Edward Parsons ~ Grocer, Brettell Lane
James Payne ~ Shoe Maker, Dennis Park
John Potter ~ Shopkeeper, Holloway End
Charles Preece ~ Carpenter and Clapper Manufacturer, Coalbourne Brook
William Price ~ Shopkeeper, Holloway End
Charles Randle ~ Greengrocer, Coalbourne Brook
Alice Jane Richards ~ Dress Maker, Coalbourne Brook
John Rider ~ Pawnbroker, Brettell Lane
Thomas William Robinson ~ Hot Water Engineer, Dennis Park
Jeremiah Skidmore ~ Mining Engineer and Road Surveyor
Charles Squires ~ Glasshouse Pot Maker, Brettell Lane
William Stafford ~ Grocer, Brettell Lane
Harriet Standish ~ Pawnbroker, Brettell Lane
Emily Steele ~ Shopkeeper, Coalbourne Brook
James Stokes ~ Tobacconist & Watch Maker, Lower High Street
Stourbridge Canal Company ~ Frederick George Holmes, The Wharf
Stourbridge Gas Company ~ Harry D. Holloway, Secretary
James Taylor ~ Well Sinker and Pump Maker, Coalbourne Brook
James George Thomas ~ Shopkeeper, Brettell Lane
Mrs Eliza Tinley ~ Shopkeeper, Dennis Park
John Tombs ~ Tea and Coffee Rooms, Lower High Street
Sarah Tomlinson ~ Butcher, Brettell Lane
Benjamin Warr ~ Boiler Composition Maker, Dennis Park
Sarah Mary Warr ~ Coal Dealer, King William Street
Richard Wassell & Son ~ Glass Manufacturers, Coalbourne Brook
Joseph Whitehouse ~ Shopkeeper, Brettell Lane
Alfred Rogers Wilks ~ Grocer, Brettell Lane
James Williams & Co. ~ General Smiths & Engineers, King William Street
William Bridge Woodhall ~ Grocer, Dennis Park
Miss Esther Wright ~ Shopkeeper, Dennis Parktails to follow....


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Comic Postcard - Ours is a Nice House

Comic Postcard - XX Casks

Comic Postcard - Best Pale Ale

Comic Postcard - Church Sermon

Comic Postcard - We Don't Mind If We Do

Comic Postcard - Drink While We Can

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Best Room and Snug

The Young Barmaid by Charles Sillem Lidderdale

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