History on the town of Bilston in the county of Staffordshire. Research is augmented with photographs, details of licensees, stories of local folklore, census data, newspaper articles and a genealogy connections section for those studying their family history.



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List of Pubs
White Lion


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Genealogy Connections
"I am curious as to how to find out which pub my great-great-great grandparents were either owners or managers of in 1881. In the 1881 census, as well as in the birth and marriage records of their daughter, Charles and Anne Hughes who lived on Temple Street in Bilston were listed as "Publican" or "Licensed Victualler". Is there a way to find out where they worked or were they proprietors? My great-grandparents on the other side of my family were "Publicans" at the "Good Will to All" Pub in the London area somewhere I believe. Their names were James and Emily Eldridge and this was in the 1881 and 1891 census. Any information would be interesting to me."
Alison Brown  Ottawa, Canada
16th December 2011

Bilston - White Lion in 1880 Kelly's Trade Directory
During the 19th century there were many pubs in Temple Street. Places like the Old House at Home, The Brown Jug and The Shamrock to name a few. Charles and Ann Hughes kept the White Lion for quite a number of years. They were recorded at the pub in a directory for 1864 but I am not sure of the exact date they moved in. Ann Hughes was succeeded by Alfred Brown in 1882. The extract above is from an 1880 Kelly's Trade Directory. The son of a farm labourer, Charles Hughes was born in the Cheshire village of Peckforton. He married Ann Brown at Bilston in 1863. The couple were either managers or tenants as the building was owned by the Willenhall farmer William Price before it was sold to the South Staffordshire Brewery Co. Ltd. Charles Hughes died in 1879 and was succeeded by his wife. She remained at the White Lion for three years. Ann Hughes did remain in Temple Street and later operated a shop [at No.58 in 1901].

If you have a genealogy story or query regarding the Bilston area you can contact me and I will post it here in addition to including your message within the website pages for Staffordshire Genealogy.

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Bilston Online


1950 Advertisement for Mitchell's & Butler's


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Geoffrey Chaucer
"A semely man our hoste was with alle
For to han been a marshal in a halle,
A large man was he with even stepe,
A fairer burgeys is ther noon in Chepe
Bold of his speche; and wys, and wel y-taught, And of manhood him lakkede right naught, Eek thereto he was right a merry man.
Geoffrey Chaucer

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