Cycle Treasure Hunt Starting from The Plough in Wollaston in the county of Worcestershire

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Wollaston Cycle Treasure Hunt

This Cycle Treasure Hunt starts from The Plough Inn at Wollaston [Grid Reference : SO885846]. Please treat this as a fun event and a pleasant cycle ride. You should adhere to your normal road discipline and ride etiquette. Ride safely and pay attention to your cycling rather than having an accident whilst looking for a clue. All clues can be seen or found from public highways and spaces. Riders must NOT enter private property. If members of the public are curious about your activity please be polite, tell them what you are doing. The scenic route passes public toilets, along with shops and cafés plus, of course, plenty of pubs! Good luck and enjoy your journey.

Clue 1 : Which town on the edge of the Forest of Dean is above the METER and has the patent number of 1401756?

Wollaston Cycle Treasure Hunt : Clue 2

Clue 2 : Now you must make a Bolder Raid at odds with 357 degrees for 300 metres to find the above wrought-iron window railings. What is the name of this house?

Clue 3 : Head SE along the traditional geographic centre of England. At the bottom of the avenue, cross the car park to find the regal rank or member of the Royal Family. What is the surname of the decorator who sold wallpapers and paints?

Clue 4 : Continue along the street to find a mythical creature. But what type of animal is wearing a rosette?

Wollaston Cycle Treasure Hunt : Clue 5

Clue 5 : Use the footpath to go around the back [due to No Entry]. Here you spot another version of a mythical creature. Continue along to the blue-and-white arrow which points the way to your next location. Look out for the window glass featured above. What is the date of the Act of Parliament below this glass?

Clue 6 : Continue along the road. At the large white circle follow the Danish author's ugly duckling to the small stream. Cycle in an easterly direction to find the date of Aberdovey Crescent.

Clue 7 : You now go to the shores of Lake Erie to a city in Ohio where you will find a biscuit. What colour is the tunic worn by the Italian soldier?

Wollaston Cycle Treasure Hunt : Clue 8

Clue 8 : Now you need to go in a contradictory Western direction turning South after the pub. This map will guide you though things may not appear as expected. You need to park to find a white dove within an olive tree. Which Middle-Eastern city can be found beneath the left side of the tree?

Clue 9 : Now find the State in which the eastern half of this Middle-Eastern city is located. What body of water can be found to the right of this state?

Clue 10 : Your next clue is signposted. Go around the southern fringe of the nearby body of water to use the south-west exit. Just before you leave however you need to identify which sport or pastime is between the Croquet Lawn and Tennis Courts?

Clue 11 : Exit and head south-west to Number 91. What can be found wearing Number 1?

Clue 12 : It is only just over an inch-and-a-half to answer the next clue. It is just to the north where Evil Rye is grown in a mangled fashion. What type of animal can be found suspended on chain within a blue crest?

Wollaston Cycle Treasure Hunt : Clue 13

Clue 13 : Go to where the above items are possibly farmed. What is the name of the horse occupying the first stable?

Clue 14 : There are five ways to find the answer to your next clue. What is the woman's illuminating first name who you can speak to on 01865 311411?

Clue 15 : From Five Ways to a Four Ways will help you find a 12-sided coin that has been reduced to four sides, though it is not marked on your map. It is close to No.71 in the direction of a star. In which year was this structure erected?

Wollaston Cycle Treasure Hunt : Clue 16

Clue 16 : The above image will help you identify the box on the map where you need to go next. Resting nearby, what was the name of George and Nancy's dog?

Clue 17 : Where you see an egg on a lawn broken up head in a westerly direction until you reach Chaddington. At Woodcroft, name the Staffordshire town that some claim to be in the Black Country?

Clue 18 : This clue is a map-reading exercise. Continue to the four ways and go up the unsuitable road. At the crest of the hill stop and identify the name of the farm half a kilometre to the north-east?

Clue 19 : Cycling past the Cedar trees, head to the beer glass at the broken Doll's Piano. In which Scottish county were the ironworks beside Queen Elizabeth's yew tree?

Clue 20 : Head in a westerly direction until you find another Elizabeth where you go back in time to the start of the Millennium. What part of a ship is beneath the two Greens?

Clue 21 : James Brindley will guide you to another beer glass next to a lowering mechanism perhaps made in Willenhall. What colour is the jersey worn by the woman riding a white bicycle?

Clue 22 : Head for the nearby Post Office close to the CTC's Winged Wheels. In which town was Herbert Bale based?

Clue 23 : Not too far for this clue. How old was Caroline when she died?

Clue 24 : It is not too far to the older post office which was next to a pub called the Live and Let Live. What is the name of the town that can be found in Staffordshire, Hampshire and Derbyshire?

Clue 25 : Continue up the hill and cycle for perhaps 35 inches past another 17 units of length to find half-a-dozen wooden stumps on a grass verge at the end of the town. But how many stumps are made of stone?

Wollaston Cycle Treasure Hunt : Clue 26

Clue 26 : Back to the road and turn right and continue in a northerly direction until you see the above sign which will tell you which way to go at the next fork in the road. After a while ignore the dead-end and continue around to the right. You may soon feel like you are on Racecourse Lane. Find what looks like a bridleway .....

Wollaston Cycle Treasure Hunt : Clue 26

Clue 26 Continued : What are the names of the two children's TV characters inscribed in the wall?

Wollaston Cycle Treasure Hunt : Clue 27

Clue 27 : Cycle down the hill and turn left to rejoin the road heading north. Look out for the holy house because you will soon arrive at your next location in order to find which University did Lucy attend?

Wollaston Cycle Treasure Hunt : Clue 28

Clue 28 : Now you have to find this little creature. He'll be waiting for you close to the next road junction. Park your bike and walk over to see him. But how long would you expect to spend on a trail looking for Woodpeckers?

Wollaston Cycle Treasure Hunt : Clue 29

Clue 29 : This is the road to follow for an ice cream perhaps. Which monarch can be found where Birds Only are allowed?

Clue 30 : Bury yourself up the hill and continue onwards to the place dedicated to the 1st Bishop of Antioch. Here you will find these Cross Keys [see below photograph]. What was Beryl's middle name?

Wollaston Cycle Treasure Hunt : Clue 30

Clue 31 : Nearby to the north you will find a famous quotation of a famous Prime Minister. At what time was the Pilot Officer killed?

Clue 32 : And now for a nice bit of downhill to a small green triangle to the north-west. Who was the mother of the monarch that can be found here?

Wollaston Cycle Treasure Hunt : Clue 33

Clue 33 : Your next location is to the north-east. You can get there by continuing along the abbreviated navigational instrument before turning right and rolling down the hill. What is the name of the property where you can find the above plough?

Clue 34 : You can now go past another Plough and along the High Street to the aforementioned Prime Minister. Find the Old Grammar School. What date can be found beneath Laurie and Clare?

Clue 35 : Now you go to a former pub in a dark place just below fifty metres above sea level. The old pub entrance is at No.2. What nautical item is mounted on a concrete block in the front garden?

Clue 36 : Heading East, cross the river and Bridge No.28. Carry on up the hill and along a lane where No Construction Traffic is allowed. There is just one more clue to solve at SO 87893 83946. What type of fruit tree can be found at the former Cat Hotel?

Well done, now make your way to where it all began at The Plough.

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The Plough at Wollaston

The Plough Inn at Wollaston

The Plough Inn is located on the Bridgnorth Road, a little down the hill from The Ridge. The hostelry was rebuilt by the Burton family in 1898 at a time when this part of Wollaston was being developed from open farmland to streets of residential housing. The original building's name reflects the rural character of The Ridge before this period.

A glassblower by trade, John Elcock is recorded as applying for a licence at Ridge Top in September 1857, a house of the same name was trading in King Street in the previous year.

The Burton family were succeeded by John and Annie Pearson, their legacy remains in some of The Plough's window panes that advertised their homebrewed ales.

When the couple advertised for a barmaid in January 1900 they stipulated that she should be "young, domesticated and a fair pianist!"

In August 1918 Mitchell's & Butler's acquired the hotel and the house subsequently sold beers produced at Cape Hill for the rest of the 20th century.

The Plough was traditionally associated with cycling during the Edwardian period and the building still bears the famous Winged Wheels plaque of the Cyclists' Touring Club.

Mitchell's and Butler's Sam Brown Ale Beer Label

Mitchell's and Butler's Brew XI Beer Mat

Mitchell's and Butler's Good Honest Beer Advertisement

Mitchell's and Butler's Black Satin Sweet Stout

Mitchell's and Butler's Pale Ale

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Joseph Campbell

"It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure."
Joseph Campbell

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