History on the county of Warwickshire. Research is augmented with photographs, details of licensees, stories of local folklore, census data, newspaper articles and a genealogy connections section for those studying their family history.



Map of Warwickshire
1814 Map by John Cary in his "Traveller's Companion"

Background Information
The county was first recorded in 1016 when it was known as Waeinewiscscr. The name comes from the Anglo Saxon 'the dairy farm by a river dam.' War means an offshoot from a larger farm. Wic means a weir or dam constructed for catching fish.

Warwickshire is bordered by Staffordshire and the West Midlands to the north-west, Leicestershire to the north-east, Northamptonshire to the east, and Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire to the south, and Worcestershire to the west. The county is fairly undulating although a range of Limestone hills rises on its south-eastern boundary which includes Edgehill. Historically, the county is divided into two areas - The Feldon and The Arden. The Feldon lies to the south-east of the county and is generally open country whereas The Arden was, historically at least, the wooded area to the north-west of the River Avon. Arden is a Celtic word for a 'well wooded area.' Very little remains of the massive forest that once covered the northern part of the county, the top end of which formed the North Warwickshire coalfield. Coal was being mined near Nuneaton in the 13th century, and it was an important local industry 400 years later. The extraction was later centred on five collieries in a triangle between Coventry and Nuneaton as base and Tamworth as the apex. The coalfield extended 25 miles from north to south and was seven miles across at Nuneaton. The principal rivers of the county are the Avon, Tame and Anker.

The Romans have left their indelible mark on the county in the form of several main routes including Watling Street, Fosse Way and Icknield Street. In the 7th and 8th centuries, the county formed part of the Kingdom of Mercia and, following the Norman conquest, two impregnable castles were built at Warwick and Kenilworth. It was at the latter that Edward II signed the renunciation of his crown in 1327. Robert Catesby, a Warwickshire man, was a prime mover in the Gunpowder Plot. Indeed, the county had a large network of conspirators' houses. Following the plot's failure, many of them escaped on several of the King's horses which they stole from Warwick Castle before their capture at Holbeache. The first battle of the English Civil War was fought at Edge Hill on 23rd October 1642.

Although only a shadow of its former glory, The Arden Forest helped to shape the county's economy and remains an important element of Warwickshire. Church Hill stands at 689ft over the village of Burton Dassett and features a lookout tower that may once have been a medieval windmill. At 854ft, Ilmington Down is the highest point in the county.

Warwick Castle - now one of the most popular tourist attractions in Great Britain. Kenilworth Castle - founded around 1122 by Geoffre de Clinton and later converted into a palace by John of Gaunt. Baddesley Clinton - arguably the finest medieval moated manor house in England. Compton Wynyates - built in 1480 by Sir Edmund Compton and one of the finest Tudor houses in Britain along with the timber-framed building of 1550 at Packwood House. Rugby School - founded in 1567 and made famous by Thomas Hughes' 'Tom Brown's Schooldays.' Charlecote Park - an Elizabethan mansion which, though the interior was reconstructed in the 19th century, is noted for its design. Royal Shakespeare Theatre - constructed in 1932 replacing the theatre destroyed by fire in 1926. Ragley Hall - Palladian-style mansion dating from 1680. Anne Hathaway's Cottage - timber-framed thatched cottage in which William Shakespeare's wife was born.

Famous People born in Warwickshire
William Shakespeare [1564-1616] the most celebrated playwright in the English language was born in Henley Street, Stratford-on-Avon. George Eliot was born near Nuneaton and lived there until she was 21 years-old. She spent much of the rest of her life in London and she is buried in Highgate Cemetery. As a novelist, George Eliot will probably always stand among the greatest of the English school; her pictures of farmers, tradesmen and the lower middle class, generally of the Midlands, are hardly surpassed in English literature.

Famous People who lived in Warwickshire
The singer-songwriter Nick Drake lived in Tanworth-in-Arden from the age of six. His first two albums, Five Leaves Left (1969) and Bryter Later (1970) remain cult classics and have influenced many folk and mainstream artists. He died of an overdose of antidepressants at his parent's home. Henrietta, Lady Luxborough (1699-1756) lived at Barrells Hall near Ullenhall, the home of the Knight family, which was severely damaged by fire in 1933. It was there that she had a literary circle which included the poets William Somerville and William Shenstone, Jago of Beaudesert, and Richard Graves.

There was once a poor man named Guy who, after several feats of bravery, married Phyllis, the daughter of the Earl of Warwick. He went on a crusade to the holy land, fought the Danes outside Winchester and killed the giant Colbrand. He gained further notoriety after strangling a wild boar, ridding Dunsmore Heath of the terrifying Dun Cow, and also killed several dragons. He retired to live as a hermit in a cave within the Forest of Arden. Each day he went to Warwick Castle for food and was fed by his wife who was unaware of who he was. However, just before his death he revealed his identity to her and she died two weeks later. The cave in which he lived is called Guy's Cliffe.

Shakespeare's Birthday Procession is held every April in Stratford-on-Avon.

In July the Royal International Agricultural Show is held at Stoneleigh.
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Newspaper Articles
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Trade Directories
1888 Kelly's Directory
Abbey Hotel, Abbey Hill, Kenilworth
Acorn, 1 Cox Street, Coventry
Adam & Eve, Paradise, Foleshill, Coventry
Admiral Codrington, Radford Road, Coventry
Albatross, 60 Clemens Street, Leamington
Albion Tavern, Albion street, Kenilworth
Albion Inn, 80 Howard Street, Coventry
Althorpe Arms, Althorpe Street, Leamington
Anchor Inn, 1 Bridge Street, Stratford-on-Avon
Anchor Inn, Solihull Wharf, Solihull
Anchor, Hartshill, Atherstone
Anchor, Leek Wootton, Warwick
Anchor Inn, Glascote, Tamworth
Anchorsmith, 69 Gosford Street, Coventry
Angel Inn, Church Street, Atherstone
Angel, 143 Regent Street, Leamington
Angel, 1 Cook Street, Coventry
Antelope, 93 Saltisford, Warwick
Antelope Inn, Lighthorne, Warwick
Anvil, Langley Heath, Sutton Coldfield
Arcade, 6 Market Street, Coventry
Avenue Hotel, Spencer Street, Coventry
Axe and Compass, Wolvey Heath, Hinckley
Bablake Boy, 41 Cow Lane, Coventry
Baker's Arms, Alcester
Barley Mow, Stockton, Rugby
Barley Mow, Studley, Redditch
Barley Mow, Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield
Barley Mow, Newbold-on-Avon, Rugby
Barley Mow, Leicester Street, Coventry
Barley Mow Commercial Inn, Warwick Rd., Solihull
Bath Hotel, Bath Street, Leamington
Bear, Alcester
Bear, Berkswell, Coventry
Bear Hotel, Henley-in-Arden
Bear and Baculus, 52 High Street, Warwick
Bear & Ragged Staff, Leicester Street, Bedworth
Bear & Ragged Staff, Castle End, Kenilworth
Bedford Inn, 75 Bedford Street, Leamington
Bee Hive, Bodymoor Heath, Kingsbury
Bee Hive, Curdworth
Bee Hive, 19 Tower Street, Coventry
Beggars' Bush, Chester Road, Erdington
Bell Inn, Halford, Shipston-on-Stour
Bell, Fillongley, Coventry
Bell, Lapworth
Bell Inn, Sheldon, Birmingham
Bell, 30 Rugby Road, Milverton
Bell, William Dexter, Alcester
Bell Inn, Thomas Grant, Snitterfield, Stratford
Bell, Samuel Harris, Henley-in-Arden
Bell Inn, Emily Houghton, Salford Priors, Evesham
Bell Inn, Charles Jackson, Long Street, Atherstone
Bell, George Molesworth, Tile Hill, Westwood
Bell, Thos John Oates, 60 Greyfriars La., Coventry
Bell, Daniel Plummer, Ladbroke, Southam
Bell Inn, Walter Probert, Keresley, Coventry
Bell, Archibald Seymour, Bell Green, Foleshill
Bell, William Jones Summers, Tanworth-in-Arden
Bell, Fred Thompson, Hillmorton, Rugby
Bell, John Thompson, Studley, Redditch
Bell Inn, John Stringer Tompkins, Shottery, Stratford
Bell Inn, Samuel Whale, Exhall, Coventry
Bell, Edward Wheeldon, Park Road, Coleshill
Binley Oak, Fredk Nightingale, Payne's La, Coventry
Binswood Tavern, John Higham, Leamington
Bird-in-Hand, M. Eagan, Little Park Street., Coventry
Bird-in-Hand, D. Edwards, Austrey, Atherstone
Bird-in-Hand, Mrs. Sephton, Alderman's Green
Black Boy, Frederick Moore, Long St., Atherstone
Black Dog, W. Chatland, 26 Whitefriars, Coventry
Black Dog, Daniel Slade, Market Hill, Southam
Black Horse Inn, Warwick Road, Southam
Black Horse, Thomas Harrison, Long St, Atherstone
Black Horse, Robert Milburn, 62 Saltisford, Warwick
Black Horse, James Mills, Marton, Rugby
Black Horse, Henry Randle, Exhall, Coventry
Black Horse, John Varden, Back Street, Nuneaton
Black Horse, Edwd. Wright, 73 Spon End, Coventry
Black Lion, A. Greatrex, Gosford St, Coventry
Black Prince, Benjn.Mason, Much Park St., Coventry
Black Swan, Samuel Fox, Spon Street, Coventry
Black Swan, Mrs. A. Horton, Stockingford
Black Swan, Mrs. M. Jones, Henley-in-Arden
Black Swan, Francis Treen, 2 Chapel Street, Rugby
Blacksmiths' Arms, A. Perkins, Ryton-on-Dunsmore
Blue Bell, J. Green, Waring's Green, Tanworth
Blue Boar, Thomas Leach, Temple Grafton
Blue Boar, Matilda Miller, Mancetter
Blue Pig, Joseph Allcoat, Wolvey, Hinckley
Blue Pig, W.Attenborough, Gosford St, Coventry
Blue Pig, George Berry, Oxford Street, Southam
Boadicea, William Farmer, Market Place, Coventry
Board Inn, William Jones, Long Street, Atherstone
Boar's Head, Robert Clements, Hampton Lucy
Boat, J. Bennett, Catherine-de-Barnes Heath
Boat Inn, Henry Burditt, Easenhall
Boat, Joseph Ivens, Sowe, Coventry
Boat Inn, Thomas Neal, Birdingbury, Rugby
Boat Inn, F. Sephton, Foleshill, Coventry
Boat Inn, George Sparkes, Newbold-on-Avon
Boot Inn, Joseph Ballard, Bidford-on-Avon
Boot Inn, Joseph Baxter, Warton, Atherstone
Boot inn, Arthur Dixon, Grendon, Atherstone
Boot, George Green, Great Alne, Alcester
Boot inn, William King, Haseley, Warwick
Boot, Reuben Lamb, Maploboro' Green, Studley
Boot inn, Charles Pearson, Ansley, Atherstone
Boot inn, Thomas White, Chilvers Coton, Nuneaton
Bowling Green, A. Duckett, Coventry St., Southam
Bowling Green, Wm Jephcott, Harnell La., Coventry
Brewer & Baker, Maria Hughes, East St. Coventry
Brewers' Arms, W. Gorsuch, Craven St. Coventry
Bricklayers' Arms, Thos. Jas. Carpenter, Foleshill
Brickmakers' Arms, T. Jenkins, Berkswell
Britannia, Edward Dalton, 65 New Street, Coventry
Britannia, J. Hampson, Chandos Street, Leamington
British Queen, T. Goodyer, King Street, Bedworth
British Queen, John Thursby, St. John St. Coventry
Broomfield Tavern, J. Harrow, Spon End, Coventry
Brown Bear, F. Hawkesford, Long St, Atherstone
Brown Bear, Thomas Hunt, Market Place, Warwick
Buck & Bell, William Chater, Long Itchington, Rugby
Buck & Crown, Benjn. Coles, 49 Bond St, Coventry
Buck & Crown, William James Walker, Radford
Bull inn, Frederick Edwards, Daventry St, Southam
Ball, Walter Glendenning, Clifton-on-Dunsmoor
Bull inn, Thomas Smith, Attleborough, Nuneaton
Bull inn, Septimus Wigley, Bridge Street, Nuneaton
Bull Hotel, John Colledge Price, Sheep St. Rugby
Bull & Anchor, Selina Evans, Bishop St., Coventry
Bull & Anchor, Mrs. Ann Paine, Exhall, Coventry
Bull & Butcher, William French, Corley, Coventry
Bull & Butcher Inn, William Neal, Napton-on-the-Hill,
Bull Field inn, John E. Hickman, Wood St. Coventry
Bull's Head, William Baker, Two Gates, Wilnecote
Bull's Head, Mrs. William Boden, Meriden, Coventry
Bull's Head, John Bonas, Market Street, Bedworth
Bull's Head, S. Bradbury, Abbey Street, Nuneaton
Bull's Head, John Dunnicliff, Wolvey, Hinckley
Bull's Head, Mrs. Ann Hartshorn, Polesworth
Bull's Head, Charles Hickman, Wootton Wawen
Bull's Head, George Maniey, 9 Bishop St, Coventry
Bull's Head, James Parton, Coleshill St, Atherstone
Bull's Head, William Rowe, Brinklow, Coventry
Bull's Head, Thomas Saunders, Over Whitacre
Bull's Head, Amos Tubey, Barston, Birmingham
Bull's Head, Herbert Henry Wells, Weston
Bull's Head, Henry Woodward, Stoke, Coventry
Butchers' Arms, Wm. J. Burden, Priors Hardwick
Butchers' Arms, James Johnson, New Buildings
Butchers' Arms, John Mann, Bishop's Itchington
Butchers' Arms, Thomas Meek, Fillongley, Coventry
Canal Tavern, F. Bushel, Leicester Row, Coventry
Cape of Good Hope, John Power, Long Itchington
Carpenters' Arms, John Edgerton, Leamington
Castle Inn, Mrs. Harriet Burchall, Radwav, Kineton
Castle Inn, Walter Horton, Mill street, Bedworth
Castle, Charles Matthews, King Street, Coventry
Castle, Frederick Williamson, 13 Market Pl. Nuneaton
Castle Arms Inn, E. H. Butler, Smith Street, Warwick
Castle Vaults, E. Twycross, Market Place, Coventry
Chase Inn, Alfred Coles, Oxford street, Leamington
Chase inn, Joseph Hill, Chapel End, Atherstone
Chauntry Tavern, Mrs. Ann Worrell, Chauntry Place
Chequers, Joseph Everett, Bulkington, Rugby
Chequers, Tom Garratt, Little Park street, Coventry
Chetwynd Arms, James Hartshorn, Polesworth
City Hotel, Robert Choules, I Broadgate, Coventry
City Arms, John Meriifield, Earlsdon, Coventry
City Arms, Frederick Rainbow, Fleet St., Coventry
City Mill, Lawrence Testot, Cox Street, Coventry
City Vaults. Thomas Ball, 9 Smithford St, Coventry
Clarendon, Romeo Bond, Russell Street, Leamington
Clarendon Hotel, Wm. Franklin, Parade, Leamington
Clarendon Arms, Geo. Budd, Bailey Lane, Coventry
Clarendon Arms, Philip Pigott, New Row, Kenilworth
Clock Inn, William T. Leeson, High Street, Coleshill
Clock Inn, Miss Amt Smart, Bickenhill, Birmingham
Coach & Horses, J. Cooper, Abbey St, Nuneaton
Coach & Horses, Thos. Farrin, High St. Coleshill
Coach & Horses, Agnes E. Jones, Henley-in-Arden
Coach & Horses, John Lynch, 39 Much Park Street
Coach & Horses, Albt. Savery, Long St. Atherstone
Coach & Horses, S. Thorpe, Henly Street, Stratford
Coach & Horses, J. Turner, Bedford St. Leamington
Coach & Horses, George West, Longford, Coventry
Coaohmakers' Arms, T. Winter, Thomas St. Butts
Cock Inn, Mrs. Ann Hancox, Rowington, Warwick
Cock, Joseph Hart, Wishaw, Birmingham
Cock, William Joseph Pratt, Ryton-on-Dunsmore
Cock, Walter Starkey, Fillongley, Coventry
Cock,  James Wardle, Birchmore, Tamworth
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