History of the King Arthur at Hagley in the county of Worcestershire


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Some history of the King Arthur at Hagley

Details of the King Arthur to follow.

Details of the King Arthur to follow.

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Details of the King Arthur to follow.

The King Arthur at Hagley [2017]

Details of the King Arthur to follow.

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Details of the King Arthur to follow.

The King Arthur at Hagley [2017]

Details of the King Arthur to follow.

The Bar of The King Arthur at Hagley [2017]

Details of the King Arthur to follow.

Interior of The King Arthur at Hagley [2017]

Details of the King Arthur to follow.

Batham's Noted Delph Ale On Draught

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Licensees of this pub

2017 - Georgina Jackson
Note : this is not a complete list of licensees for this pub.

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Genealogy Connections

If you have a genealogy story or query regarding the King Arthur you can contact me and I will post it here in addition to including your message within the website pages for Worcestershire Genealogy.

Inn Sign

Inn Sign of the King Arthur at Hagley [2017]

Although historically flawed, this is an excellent signboard and if it had been hand-painted it would receive top marks! However, like most inn signs these days, it is computer-generated. Seemingly, all of the key components of the Arthurian legend are in place - King Arthur is boldly brandishing Excalibur and he is holding an upright round table. However, this is not Excalibur - for some reason the designer has used an image of King Alfred the Great. Did they think they could get away with the wrong person? The King in this illustration is based on the statue of the granite sculpture designed by Sir William Hamo Thornycroft and erected in Winchester in 1899, the year that marked one thousand years since King Alfred's death. Winchester was, following the Roman occupation, the centre of the West Saxon kingdom. When Alfred was crowned King of Wessex he established Winchester as his capital. The statue of King Alfred features him holding a shield but in this illustration this has been replaced by the famous round table. This is based on King Arthur's Round Table which has hung in the Great Hall of Winchester Castle from at least 1463. The 13th century table was originally plain, but was painted for King Henry VIII in 1522. In addition to his legendary knights, the table is surmounted by King Arthur on his throne. Did the inn sign creator get the two rulers mixed up I wonder? Anyway, one reason perhaps that King Arthur appears on a signboard in Hagley is because some historians tenuously claim that the legendary warrior who fought against the Saxons is buried at nearby Wychbury Hill. Having said that, the co-directors of the brewery, Tim and Matthew Batham, have reported that the pub was called the King Arthur in tribute to their father Arthur Batham, the man who developed another important legend - that of Batham's Bitter.

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Batham's Special Strong Ale [c.1950's]

Batham's Double Brown Ale [c.1950's]

Batham's Mild and Bitter Beers [Beer Mat c.1990's]

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King Arthur

"I must ride with my knights to defend what was, and the dream of what could be."
King Arthur

Newspaper Articles

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"A famous name will grace Hagley's Worcester Road when award-winning Black Country brewery Batham's opens its latest public house in the village in the coming weeks. The family firm has announced that the new pub in Worcester Road is to be called the King Arthur in tribute to Arthur Batham - father of co-directors Tim and Matt - who steered the Brierley Hill brewery through difficult times in the 1950's and developed the now-famous Batham's Bitter. Batham's commissioned Halesowen-based building contractor A & H Construction to carry out the conversion of two four-storey offices in order to create the new establishment. The King Arthur will be Bathams' 11th pub, opening in a year that marks the firm's 140th anniversary. The business has now been in the family for five generations, with a sixth generation coming through. Director Matt Batham explained it is also the first 'new' pub in the history of the business. "Suitable sites are very hard to find, so we found it was better to create a new pub rather than use existing licensed premises," said Matt. "We felt this was an excellent opportunity as it is the right building in the right location." The new pub, formerly known as Palladium House, was originally a residential dwelling dating back to the Victorian era. A & H Construction have removed internal walls, creating a largely open plan interior but have retained as many of the buildings original features as possible - including decorative plasterwork, windows, floor tiles and the main fireplace which has been carefully restored to house a wood burner. A & H has also carried out extensive work in the lower floor to make it suitable for use as a pub cellar. "The King Arthur will be a traditional pub," said Matt Batham. "As with our other sites, the emphasis will be on serving an excellent range of high quality beers and wines, cobs and snacks in a warm and friendly environment. There will also be a 'community room' within the building that can be used for all kinds of meetings and functions," adds Matt. "We feel that a pub is the heart of the community and it is very important to be closely involved with the local people." Matt's brother and co-director Tim Batham said he was very proud to be opening a new pub in the village and that the name has a special significance. "We thought it would be a very appropriate name, partly because of its connections to our family - Arthur has been a family name spanning three generations - but also with the heraldic history of the Hagley area." The opening of the new pub is eagerly anticipated by local residents, not least 102-year-old Frank Fell from nearby Clent who has been drinking Batham's beer for 82 of those years. Frank, who is 103 in October, currently drinks in several Batham's pubs but is looking forward to having a new 'local.' "Itís the Batham's that keeps him going," said his son, Ray. A number of new jobs will be created at the King Arthur. New manager Georgina Jackson was head-hunted by the firm who wanted to bring her valuable experience to the business. Georgina, who will be living on the premises, said: "I am extremely excited about the opening of this new pub and looking forward to welcoming customers from Hagley and further afield." Construction firm A & H has a current turnover in excess £70 million and has a wide and diverse portfolio that includes everything from refurbishments and renovations to major commercial projects. Construction director Steve Cutler said: "This project has involved a great deal of hard work, careful design and planning in order to convert the premises sympathetically and deliver a venue worthy of the Batham's brand." Barry Adams, managing director of A & H Construction added: "We feel very proud and privileged to be involved with such a prestigious project for this well-known local company. We wish Batham's every success with the new pub." The King Arthur is expected to open on September 29th."
"A & H brings Batham's name to Hagley"
by John Corser in Express and Star Business : September 5th 2017.

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