History of The Plough at Shenstone in the county of Worcestershire. Research is augmented with photographs, details of licensees, stories of local folklore, census data, newspaper articles and a genealogy connections section for those studying their family history.



Some History of this Pub
The Plough is located in the heart of the hamlet of Shenstone. Two pubs vied for the custom of Shenstone folk - the Hare and Hounds on the old turnpike and, tucked away in the lanes, The Plough. The Hare and Hounds has always served the traveller but The Plough has, for much of its life, traditionally been the locals choice. It is only in recent years that, as part of the Batham's tied estate, that the former beer house has been exposed to visitors from afar. Inevitably, some of the old cottage's character has been lost but it remains a smashing little pub.

The Plough can be traced back to the early part of the 19th century when wheelwright, William Hassell moved in and converted part of the building into a beer house. By 1850 the pub, known by the sign of The Plow and Harrow, had been let to another Shenstone wheelwright, James Jordan and his wife, Ann. They ran the pub until around 1873, during which time the Harrow had been dropped from the pub's name. James Jordan was born locally in 1794.

Homebrewed ales were produced on the premises. There was a maltster in the village - indeed, Joseph Moule was also a butcher and farmer of 222 acres who lived at Shenstone Villa. Another large landowner in the village was Clement Crowther of Shenstone House who farmed 270 acres of land that bordered The Plough.

James Jordan was succeeded by son Edward who also carried on the family's wheelwright business. He had also secured inn status for The Plow which was also home to his brother William and sisters Sarah and Elizabeth. Sarah was officially the housekeeper and William brought in additional income by working as a draper's assistant. They all moved out following Edward's marriage to Annie who hailed from the Shropshire village of Bromfield. The couple had two daughters, Edith and Florence, in the late 1870's.

Edward Jordan died in 1894 and his wife Annie took over the licence. Eldest daughter Edith went on to become a schoolteacher. By the time the Green family arrived in 1905, the Jordan's had been running The Plough for more than half a century, a feat hardly heard of these days. The Green family were not fly-by-nights either - they continued the tradition of longevity for another 49 years. This includes William Pratt who married Nellie Green, a childhood sweetheart, in 1924. William Pratt was another wheelwright and he continued the brewing tradition here. He brewed to much the same recipe as that of Victorian times and continued up until his last brew in 1946. He retired in 1954 and died in the 1990's when he was well over 100 years-old. It was fitting that his funeral started from The Plough.

Arthur Batham added The Plough to his portfolio in October 1954 and it was in that year that Jim and Marjorie Rose took over as managers. They remained until 1995. This is seemingly a pub that, once you arrive as licensee, you end up staying for years.

Rodney and Helen Budd arrived in September 1995. A former paratrooper, Rodney certainly knows how to keep a pint - I have visited many times! Some readers may know him from when he owned The Quarter House in Wolverhampton. He and Helen also kept the Marie Lloyd, a famous pub in London.
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Licensees of this Pub
1841 - William Hassell
1851 - James Jordan
1876 - 1894 Edward Jordan
1894 - 1905 Annie Jordan
1905 - 1931 Samuel Charles Green
1931 - 1951 Emma Elizabeth Green
1951 - 1954 William Pratt
1954 - 1995 Jim and Marjorie Rose
1995 - Rodney and Helen Budd

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Genealogy Connections
If you have a genealogy story or query regarding this pub you can contact me and I will post it here in addition to including your message within the website pages for Worcestershire Genealogy.

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Inn Sign
Inn Sign of the Plough Inn [2001]

Inn Sign of the Plough Inn [2003]
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Benjamin Franklin
“Then plough deep while sluggards sleep, and you shall have corn to sell and to keep.”
Benjamin Franklin

Abraham Cowley
“We may talk as we please of lilies, and lions rampant, and spread eagles in fields of d'or or d'argent, but if heraldry were guided by reason, a plough in the field arable would be the most noble and ancient arms.”
Abraham Cowley

Soviet Ploughing Poster

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Newspaper Articles
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