History of Pubs and Breweries of the Midlands Region with photographs, licensees and family history.


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Latest Web Activity

• Some history with maps and plans of the Navigation Inn on Wharf Street in Birmingham.
Added : December 6th 2018

• History and terrific photograph of the New Inn on Villa Street in Lozells.
Added : December 2nd 2018

• Some history of Samuel Allsopp and Sons Limited, once one of the giants of brewing at Burton-on-Trent.
Added : November 29th 2018

• Some history of Ind Coope Ltd, an important brewery of the region despite originating down south.
Added : November 29th 2018

• Some history of the King's Arms, a canalside pub at Knowle in Warwickshire with audio and video links.
Added : November 28th 2018

• A small amount of history on the Hockley Brewery, a company based at Nursery Terrace and acquired by Showell's Brewery Co. Limited towards the end of the 19th century.
Added : November 25th 2018

• A bit of history on the Crown Inn on Villa Street in Hockley, with audio version.
Added : November 21st 2018

• Some history of Frank Myatt Limited, a brewery based at Raglan Street in Wolverhampton.
Added : November 19th 2018

• Some history of Birmingham through 19th century trade directories.
Added : November 16th 2018

• A bit of history on the Guildford Arms on Farm Street in Hockley, now with audio version.
Added : November 10th 2018

• A meander around Bridgnorth, calling into a couple of pubs en-route to the Long Mynd.
Added : October 19th 2018

• Great Toscana beer at Diorama, a neat little micropub in Firenze.
Added : October 11th 2018

• Excellent beer in Oro Birra, a relatively recent addition to the flourishing craft beer scene in Torino.
Added : September 22nd 2018

• We have found the Worst Pub in London, where they insist that American Pale Ale should taste like vinegar.
Added : September 22nd 2018

• Struggling to find The Fall and Sonic Youth on the pub jukebox at The Lamb at Holborn, a fine old tavern connected with literature down the years.
Added : September 21st 2018

• Musings on the Tour of Britain at Nuneaton featuring an all-star line-up of top world cyclists.
Added : September 11th 2018

• Review of Sunday night at the Moseley Folk Festival 2018 in Birmingham where they ran out of beer!
Added : September 10th 2018

• Review of the Queen's Head at Wordsley where the Welsh brewers rocked the guest ales list.
Added : September 9th 2018

• Visiting Boscobel House and The Royal Oak at Boscobel House.
Added : September 8th 2018

• Some history of the Nag's Head Inn at Lindridge in Worcestershire.
Added : September 6th 2018

• A tour of pubs and churches in the Teme Valley in Worcestershire.
Added : August 29th 2018

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About This Website

Embracing many of the interests of one individual, the key aim of this website is to record and preserve the histories of the pubs, inns, taverns and breweries of the Midlands' region. There is an emphasis on Birmingham and the Black Country, however other towns and places are featured. Consequently, you will find sections on other counties of the Midlands' region, though maybe not in such great detail.

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The website is a great resource for those interested in public houses and breweries but also offers a wealth of information for those researching social history and genealogy. There are thousands of images and hundreds of maps and plans for you to browse and enjoy. Considerable effort and expense has been employed in order for web browsers to have the benefit of all the resources available to me. For example, the below interior photograph of the Royal Oak at Amblecote, along with the exterior view of the Anchor Hotel in Cradley Heath [see below], are two of the many ultra-rare images featured on the site. I have hundreds of rare and previously unpublished photographs which will be made available, along with an online shop where you will be able to purchase high-resolution downloads of images.

Amblecote : Tap Room of the Royal Oak Inn [1958]

The website is currently undergoing a transitional phase during which pages are being re-formatted into secure encrypted files with a https address. Navigation on the 'new' pages is simplified by the use of five buttons at the top left-hand corner of every page. You can click on these to return to the homepage, access the site menu, send a message or browse the website's social media pages. To further facilitate easy navigation, a directory is placed beneath these buttons so you can see exactly where you are within the website.

Cradley Heath : Anchor Hotel [c.1947]

Although some effects have been deployed to make the site a visually enjoyable experience, great effort has been made to ensure that the pages will download relatively quick and can be viewed on most browsers. All pages have been validated at W3C so hopefully you will be able to enjoy the site no matter what machine or mobile device you are using, no matter what browser you have and will fit on most screen resolution settings.

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Does anyone remember the days when men used to get dressed to go to the pub? When they'd have a laugh but remain within decent guidelines? When men would show deference to the licensee? When they would offer their seat to a woman or an elderly guy? When they wouldn't swear every other word? When they didn't stop the conversation because they had a tweet to read or a mobile call to take? When they didn't wear hoodies and nip in the toilets to score? When they knew they'd had enough? When they knew how to put the young whippersnappers in line for playing up in a public house? This website goes some way to remember those days.

Men Drinking in a Pub [c.1954]

The website is not all about blokes and flat claps and every effort is made to discuss the provision of drinking spaces for different sexes. And here is where the women's audience come in - it would be great to hear about your experiences of drinking in a boozer. Or maybe you have a viewpoint on the role of pubs and the sexual divide? Whatever your opinion, it would be great to hear of your stories and experiences. By the way, here's one for the whippersnappers ... in the below photograph those aren't i-phones in their protective covers, they are spectacle cases!

Women Drinking Beer

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Bar Parlour Stained Glass

Beer is Best Poster

Pipe Smoker with Beer

Drinking Beer from a Tankard

Drinking Beer from a Tankard

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