History of Pubs and Breweries of the Midlands Region with photographs, licensees and family history.


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Latest Web Activity

• A look back at the Empire Vaults, at Tamworth, a tavern once known as the Coffee Pot Inn and the story of an infamous music hall.
Added : November 24th 2020

• The legend and myth of The Starving Rascal is finally uncovered for real as I present the facts from the 19th century that shook Amblecote and gave a pub its present name.
Added : October 18th 2020

• One pub, three different names. A look back at the Bird-in-Hand at Oldswinford, a pub that was under threat but taken over by a local brewery in 2019.
Added : September 24th 2020

• Some history of the Daniel Batham and Son Ltd. the Black Country brewery at The Delph in Brierley Hill run by fifth and sixth generation family members.
Added : September 24th 2020

• A brief history of the Horse and Jockey at Inkford Brook where, as the name suggests, there was a racecourse in Victorian times.
Added : September 13th 2020

• Murder, prostitution, body found in a river, fighting, and even a connection to the Tichborne case. The Seven Stars Inn at Oldswinford, a place that seemingly earned the right to be dubbed The Rat Hole.
Added : September 10th 2020

• A look back at the Coventry Cross Inn at Kenilworth, a building that has evolved into a Michelin restaurant. Some fascinating stories and facts from down the years appear on this page.
Added : August 28th 2020

• It may be long gone but not forgotten. A look at the Vine Inn at Warwick, a pub with an unusual claim to this inn sign.
Added : August 24th 2020

• The story behind the old Bell Inn at Lapworth, a pub defined by its location on a turnpike road that had to adapt to changing times in the late 19th century.
Added : August 21st 2020

• A history and images of the King's Arms on Suffolk Street, a former beer house operated by three of the big breweries before closing in 1962.
Added : August 18th 2020

• A look back at the Gate Inn on High Street Saltley, a public-house rebuilt before the big brewery boom of the late 19th century.
Added : August 14th 2020

• Some information and images of the Wheatsheaf on Suffolk Street, a former Mitchell's pub lost to the development of the inner ring road in the 1960s.
Added : July 29th 2020

• A little bit of history of the Man On The Moon at West Heath, a pub that changed its name when Neil Armstrong made one giant leap in 1969.
Added : June 7th 2020

• Some history of the Rose and Crown at Ladywood. accompanied by a magnificent photograph of the licensee and customers in 1904.
Added : April 28th 2020

• Short history of the Bird-in-Hand at Winson Green coupled with some information on the Vulcan Brewery, the Aston company that once operated the beer house.
Added : April 23rd 2020

• Piecing together the story of one of the oldest licences in Birmingham. The Spotted Dog is one of the original buildings of the Digbeth area and was once run by a champion boxer. On this page is one of the best contributions I have received from a former resident of the pub.
Added : April 18th 2020

• A pub and brewery linked to Lord Byron and Bicycles! Oh, and Spaghetti Junction. Here you can read about a former Mayor, Knives and Forks, along with Baptists - not to mention the Ukraine.
Added : April 14th 2020

• Lost in the redevelopment of the early 1970s, I look back at the Plough and Harrow, a public-house closely associated with the markets of Birmingham that started off in Balsall Street before being part of Jamaica Row.
Added : April 5th 2020

• A short history of the Stag and Pheasant, a public-house in which some Peaky Blinders kicked off in 1895 and started a battle between the police and the gang.
Added : March 28th 2020

• Some history and plenty of old photographs of Worcester, including a virtual town trail.
Added : March 21st 2020

• Updated page with a decent amount of history of the Globe Inn, at Tamworth, a pub rebuilt in 1901 that replaced an earlier tavern once known as the Townshend's Arms.
Added : March 15th 2020

• Updated page with a look back at the Market Vaults, at Tamworth, an ancient building and once run by the Mayor.
Added : March 15th 2020

• Memories of the Bell Inn, once a house where a publican weighing nearly 30 stone was charged with "harbouring women of ill-fame."
Added : March 15th 2020

• A little of the history of the Beehive Inn, a Cradley Heath boozer that survived a serious incident of mining subsidence during the Victoria period.
Added : March 14th 2020

• Some history of the Anchor Hotel, a pub formerly known as the Royal Exchange that was part of a large cluster of public-houses at Five Ways in Cradley Heath.
Added : March 13th 2020

• A quick look into the story of the The Trumpet, a noted Bilston Jazz pub since the mid-1960s selling Holden's beer.
Added : March 11th 2020

• Gone but not forgotten ... some history of the Yew Tree Inn, a pub built in anticipation of suburban expansion into Yardley and an early example of Birmingham's inter-war pub reform movement.
Added : March 8th 2020

• Looking back at the Bell Inn, on Lozells Road, once kept by a three-time winner of the F.A. Cup and also a venue used by a billiards champion.
Added : March 7th 2020

• Some history of Ind Coope Ltd, an important brewery of the region despite originating down south.
Added : March 6th 2020

• A bit of history on the Guildford Arms on Farm Street in Hockley, now with audio version.
Added : March 6th 2020

• A potted history of the Warstock Inn, a Worcestershire pub that found its way into Birmingham when Yardley Wood was absorbed by the big city.
Added : March 5th 2020

• A short history of the Journey's End, a pub on Clay Lane probably named after those buried at the cemetery on the opposite side of the road at Yardley.
Added : March 3rd 2020

• The story of the Adam and Eve, a pub first built on the Ravenhurst estate at Bordesley. Extended by Showell's and Ind Coope, bombed in the Second World War, but finally closed due to violent assaults in 2014.
Added : February 28th 2020

• A look back at the Queen's Head, a M&B pub in Aberdeen Street at Winson Green rebuilt in 1937 and in more recent times converted into a church.
Added : February 24th 2020

• A look at A. B. Row, regarded by many as the shortest street in Birmingham. It was here that there was a short-lived boozer known as the Red Lion.
Added : February 22nd 2020

• Wonderful photograph and some details of the Dog and Duck, a boozer with a lovely frontage on High Street Aston which was operated by Edward Allen for more than 40 years.
Added : February 20th 2020

• Some details and some lovely photographs of the Scotch House, the pub that once stood on the corner of High Street Aston and Whitehead Street and was once known as the Crown and Cushion.
Added : February 20th 2020

• A pub run by the man who turned Winson Green into a Monopoly board and his son who is remembered at Edgbaston Cricket Ground. Read more on the Wheatsheaf Inn, a pub sadly lost to proposed road widening.
Added : February 19th 2020

• Debunking some of the myths surrounding the Gothic Inn, a huge brick building on the corner of Great Hampton Street and Great Hampton Row at Hockley.
Added : February 11th 2020

• Remembering the Belgrave Hotel, a lovely edifice that stood on Moseley Road at Highgate and built by William Charley.
Added : February 11th 2020

• A look back at the Rose Tavern, a rare outlet of the Sykes Brewery Company in Highgate.
Added : February 9th 2020

• No photograph but some background information on the Queen's Head, a former Holt's public-house on Gooch Street in Highgate.
Added : February 6th 2020

• A look at the current and some history of the old Barton's Arms, the Pub Cathedral of Birmingham at Aston Newtown.
Added : January 23rd 2020

• Very brief outline of Royal Exchange, the pub at No.1 High Street Aston that closed in 1961.
Added : January 15th 2020

• Revised page with a history of Big Bull's Head, with 12,000 words on one boozer taking pub research onto a new level!
Added : January 11th 2020

• A brief look at the Pelican Inn, a beer house that stood on the corner of Unett Street and was once known as the Pilgrim Tavern.
Added : December 6th 2019

• Images added for Icknield Street, including Royal Mint, Warstone Inn and Royal Oak.
Added : November 23rd 2019

• A look back at the Why Not Inn, a former beer house associated with the mining industry on the edge of the Black Country.
Added : June 8th 2019

• Some history of the New Inn, a former beer house in a nail-making hamlet connected with the Ancient Order of Druids.
Added : May 23rd 2019

• A look back at the Loyal Lodge, a pub housed in one of the oldest buildings of Halesowen.
Added : May 20th 2019

• Pubs and the Silver Screen - some information the Golden Arrow, an early 1960s house at Olton near Acock's Green and Solihull.
Added : April 14th 2019

• Very small amount on the Stork Hotel, an outpost of William Butler and Co. Ltd. amid the sea of Birmingham brewery-owned pubs.
Added : April 4th 2019

• One family have run it for over 100 years but there is still some other stories for the Railway Inn, a pub that most think is in Dorridge.
Added : March 27th 2019

• Some history of the Boot Inn, a pub that benefited from turnpike and canal trade at Lapworth in Warwickshire.
Added : March 25th 2019

• The American frontier and the Shakespeare Theatre features in the story of Flower and Sons Ltd., a brewery that was eventually absorbed into the Whitbread empire.
Added : March 24th 2019

• The Mason's soft drinks master plan was hatched at the Warwick Arms, a pub that had a life of less than fifty years.
Added : March 17th 2019

• Two pubs for the price of one when looking back at the Hyde Arms, a Ladywood pub located on the corner of Hyde Road but sadly closed in the 1960s.
Added : March 9th 2019

• The story of the Yorkshire Grey, a pub that was HQ to Birmingham's third professional football team that almost everybody has forgotten.
Added : March 8th 2019

• A little history on the Lee Bridge Tavern, a pub where women were not allowed downstairs!
Added : March 3rd 2019

• Step back in time to see life at Mitchell's and Butler's at Cape Hill during the Spring of 1953 in the run-up to the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth.
Added : March 1st 2019

• A history of the British Queen, an award-winning pub that was once an important brewery tap.
Added : February 27th 2019

• A description with background history of Digbeth, a thoroughfare that has seen murder, riots, knife fights in an early Indian restaurant, a civil war battle, floods and a lot more.
Added : February 10th 2019

• A short history of the Coppersmiths' Arms, a building that was originally part of a factory, then a pub, and later a school. Finally bombed in the Second World War.
Added : February 7th 2019

• A brief look at the Old Bowling Green Inn, a Leicester pub that has also traded as the Fullback and Firkin and The Polar Bear. Follow the link to find out why the latter name was applied to the pub.
Added : February 3rd 2019

• The story of T. Hoskins Ltd., the Leicester brewery that went through a rather traumatic period before being wound up.
Added : February 2nd 2019

• A brief history of Everard's Brewery Ltd., the brewery that moved from Leicester to Burton but returned in later years.
Added : February 1st 2019

• Launch of page for Leicester, in order to create a framework for some pub histories.
Added : February 1st 2019

• Some footballing history can be found within the story of the Villa Tavern, a Lozells boozer with connections all around the country.
Added : January 27th 2019

• Some history of the Shepherd's Hut, a former beer house in Ewelme at the foot of the Chilterns.
Added : January 12th 2019

• Some history of Hitchman & Co. Ltd., a brewery based at Chipping Norton that lost its independence in 1924.
Added : January 10th 2019

• Some history of Hunt Edmunds and Co. Ltd., a brewery based at Bridge Street in Banbury.
Added : January 8th 2019

• Looking back at the Hare and Hounds at Marsh Hill, a pub that was demolished in 2017.
Added : January 1st 2019

• Some history on Holder's Brewery Ltd. of Birmingham, a brewery intertwined with the story of music hall.
Added : December 18th 2018

• Some history with maps and plans of the Navigation Inn on Wharf Street in Birmingham.
Added : December 6th 2018

• History and terrific photograph of the New Inn on Villa Street in Lozells.
Added : December 2nd 2018

• Some history of Samuel Allsopp and Sons Limited, once one of the giants of brewing at Burton-on-Trent.
Added : November 29th 2018

• Some history of the King's Arms, a canalside pub at Knowle in Warwickshire with audio and video links.
Added : November 28th 2018

• A small amount of history on the Hockley Brewery, a company based at Nursery Terrace and acquired by Showell's Brewery Co. Limited towards the end of the 19th century.
Added : November 25th 2018

• A bit of history on the Crown Inn on Villa Street in Hockley, with audio version.
Added : November 21st 2018

• Some history of Frank Myatt Limited, a brewery based at Raglan Street in Wolverhampton.
Added : November 19th 2018

• A meander around Bridgnorth, calling into a couple of pubs en-route to the Long Mynd.
Added : October 19th 2018

• Some history of the Nag's Head Inn at Lindridge in Worcestershire.
Added : September 6th 2018

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Embracing many of the interests of one individual, the key aim of this website is to record and preserve the histories of the pubs, inns, taverns and breweries of the Midlands' region. There is an emphasis on Birmingham and the Black Country, however other towns and places are featured. Consequently, you will find sections on other counties of the Midlands' region, though maybe not in such great detail.

The website is a great resource for those interested in public houses and breweries but also offers a wealth of information for those researching social history and genealogy. There are thousands of images and hundreds of maps and plans for you to browse and enjoy. Considerable effort and expense has been employed in order for web browsers to have the benefit of all the resources available to me. For example, the below interior photograph of the Royal Oak at Amblecote, along with the exterior view of the Anchor Hotel in Cradley Heath [see below], are two of the many ultra-rare images featured on the site. I have hundreds of rare and previously unpublished photographs which will be made available, along with an online shop where you will be able to purchase high-resolution downloads of images.

Amblecote : Tap Room of the Royal Oak Inn [1958]

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Cradley Heath : Anchor Hotel [c.1947]

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Does anyone remember the days when men used to get dressed to go to the pub? When they'd have a laugh but remain within decent guidelines? When men would show deference to the licensee? When they would offer their seat to a woman or an elderly guy? When they wouldn't swear every other word? When they didn't stop the conversation because they had a tweet to read or a mobile call to take? When they didn't wear hoodies and nip in the toilets to score? When they knew they'd had enough? When they knew how to put the young whippersnappers in line for playing up in a public house? This website goes some way to remember those days.

Men Drinking in a Pub [c.1954]

The website is not all about blokes and flat claps and every effort is made to discuss the provision of drinking spaces for different sexes. And here is where the women's audience come in - it would be great to hear about your experiences of drinking in a boozer. Or maybe you have a viewpoint on the role of pubs and the sexual divide? Whatever your opinion, it would be great to hear of your stories and experiences. By the way, here's one for the whippersnappers ... in the below photograph those aren't i-phones in their protective covers, they are spectacle cases!

Women Drinking Beer

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