How to Advertise on this Website with Customer Information, Visitor Statistic and Advertising Rates

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The revenue from advertising helps to fund the website which provides free information for a worldwide audience. For example, below is an advertisement for Dark Star Brewing Company. This attractive advert conveys a simple but effective message, has combined photographs of the brewery's business and is linked directly to their website which opens in a new window. And that is essentially what is on offer to businesses - attractive colour adverts linked to other websites in order to drive traffic, improve visitor numbers and, hopefully, generate publicity and/or sales. If you have a pub, brewery or offer any services to the licensed trade this site is a great place to be seen.

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Why Advertise?

My unique selling point is traffic. This website got over 1 million hits in January 2017. Similar figures are achieved every single month and are continuing to increase. So, that's the hard sell over with - after all, the figures speak for themselves. Unlike many other websites nothing is hidden and visitor figures are displayed for statistical proof. These reports are generated by the site's Internet Service Provider. Figure 1 [below] shows the Daily Usage for this website in January 2017. The diagram shows that there was a maximum of 37,219 hits in one day with an average of 32,262 per day. The average number of pages visited per day was 3,125 and the total number of visitors during the month was 39,363.

Website Statistics [January 2017]

How Much Does It Cost?

The rates are realistic and therefore very reasonable. An animated banner such as the one here [463 pixels wide], excluding the homepage, will cost £2 per month on a single page. For multiple pages - add 25p per month per page. For example 10 pages would be a total of £4.25 per month. An advert like the one for Fixed Wheel Brewery, excluding the homepage, will cost £1 per month on a single page. For multiple pages - add 15p per month per page. For example 10 pages would be a total of £2.35 per month. So you see - it's very reasonable. The only caveat being that these rates are for advertisements that will appear for at least one calendar year and fees must be paid in advance.

Increased Presence

You can take your advertising on the website much further. For example, it is possible to sponsor the website and have adverts on every page. With this option your business can be featured and be visible on page entry for each and every page OR just particular sections of the site e.g. Worcestershire pages or Brewery pages. This is very high profile and a package can be tailored to your needs for a very reasonable tariff.

Hourly Website Statistics [January 2017]


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