A Rough Guide to Pub Architecture and Architectural Features


Pub Architecture

I have added this section of the website in an attempt to demystify the elements of pub buildings that make you go "cor look at that!" You know the sort of thing - the ornate brickwork and tiles, the decorative wood and glass, the work of designers, architects, engineers and skilled craft workers. I am no aesthete, simply an enthusiastic amateur. However, I will do my best to explain some architectural features the imbiber may encounter.

A Rough Guide to Pub Architecture and Architectural Features

Architectural Features

Pub Architects

Contemporary Photographs

Contemporary Photographs

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"The site originally reserved for the Bear and Baculus public-house in the Warwick central redevelopment plan will now become a small residential island. After a site had been allocated the brewery decided they did not want it. The latest idea was explained by the County Architect, Mr. Eric Davies at Tuesday's meeting of the Warwick General Purposes Committee. He said the revised plan allowed for four houses and a number of flats and maisonettes on the site, which is opposite the proposed new bus station. The latest phase of the redevelopment scheme, bounded by Bowling Green Street, Market Street, Brook Street, High Street and West Street, will go to the Minister for his comments if the borough and the county agree. The committee approved and accepted the plan, which Mr. Davies told them had been praised by the Fine Arts Commission, including Sir John Betjeman. He could give no idea when work would start on the scheme, and he stressed that until planning approval had been given, loan sanction would not be forthcoming. He thought there was bound to be some opposition to the plan, but he hopes this would not result in an enquiry which would cause further delays. He thought the demolition of the present Bear and Baculus would cause most opposition, but he believed this part of the plan worthwhile because of the effect it would have in opening up the view to the Lord Leycester Hospital. Referring to the controversial inner distributory road plan, Mr. Davies said he though it was essential if the historic core of the town was to be saved. He knew there was opposition to the proposed road, but said that approving the central redevelopment plan did not mean the Council were committing themselves on the road. This phase of the redevelopment received the unanimous support of the committee."
"Housing Plan For Former Warwick Pub Site"
Coventry Evening Telegraph : November 12th 1970 Page 4

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