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Basket Handle Arch

A Basket-Handle Arch, sometimes referred to as Anse de Penier, is a three-centred arch having a crown with a radius much greater than that of the outer pair of curves.

Examples of Pediments

Click here for more information on the Waggon and Horses at Halesowen in Worcestershire

In this example at the Waggon and Horses at Halesowen, stone voussoirs were alternated between sets of four tapered bricks to form a basket-handle arches for the window apertures. They combine to form a striking effect.

Basket-Handle Arch at the Three Crowns on Hill Top

This example of a Basket-Handle Arch was photographed at the Three Crowns at Hill Top. Such a three-centred arch is somewhat flattened providing the effect of a false ellipse.

More Examples of Pediments

Basket-Handle Arch inside the Barton's Arms at Aston

Many of the examples I have seen of a Basket-Handle Arch are deployed in the windows of a tavern. Here one can see a walk-through version inside the Barton's Arms at Aston. However, this was a conversion of an interior window display, the glass of which can be seen in the background as a wall panel. I would think that a joist is used above this arch as this is a load-bearing wall.

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