Some history on Albert Street in Birmingham in the County of Warwickshire


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Albert Street Pubs

In more recent times Albert Street, or at least the name, was extended down to Curzon Street station so that public-houses like the Woodman Inn changed their addresses. However, to keep things in some sort of historical perspective, I have a separate page for Duddeston Row so the old taverns will be found on that page.

More information on Albert Street to follow. I probably created the page as I had a link to Albert Street from another page. When building the site it is easier to place links as they crop up rather than go back later on. I realise this is frustrating if you were specifically looking for information on Albert Street. There is information on Birmingham dotted around the website - click here for a suitable starting place.

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Birmingham : Ghost Sign for Jones and Palmer, Printers and Stationers on Albion Street at Hockley [2002]

Birmingham : Salvation Army Hostel on the corner of Albert Street and Moor Street [1961]

This building, known as Moor House, on the corner of Moor Street dated back to late Victorian period. It was occupied by the Salvation Army before the Second World War. Alderman Sir John Burman opened the premises for use as a hostel with a special presentation key in August 1937. The first Salvation Army hostel in Birmingham was established in Loveday Street in the Edwardian period. It was followed by two others but they had become overcrowded so a new facility was opened here on the corner of Moor Street and Albert Street. At the opening ceremony Commissioner George J. Jolliffe [Governor of the Army's social work in Great Britain] said that "the new hostel was not a lodging-house, common or otherwise. It was a branch of the Army's "Darkest England" social scheme and was one of over 400 similar hostels in this country and abroad." The conversion of the building had cost nearly £9,000, had 104 cubicles, and provided a bed for 1s 6d a night, and bed and breakfast for about 2s. 6d. The hostel was designcd for the legitimate working man who was working away from his home.

Birmingham : Perrin's Furniture Warehouse on Albert Street [1961]

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Ansell's - The Better Beer

Beer Label for Mitchell's and Butler's Cape Ale

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Brummagem Boozers

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