Some history on Alcester Street at Deritend in Birmingham in the County of Warwickshire


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Alcester Street Pubs

More information on Alcester Street to follow. I probably created the page as I had a link to Alcester Street from another page. When building the site it is easier to place links as they crop up rather than go back later on. I realise this is frustrating if you were specifically looking for information on Alcester Street. There is information on Birmingham dotted around the website - click here for a suitable starting place.

Birmingham : Saint Anne's Roman Catholic Church on Alcester Street at Deritend [2001]

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Birmingham : Alcester Street from the junction of Bradford Street at Deritend [1954]

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1845 Trade Directory

12 William Madison, Boot & Shoe Maker
16 Henry Carnal1 Henry, Shopkeeper
17 Dog & Partridge, John Hill
18 George & T. Bradburn, Brass Founders
20 Benjamin Wood, Saddlers' Tool Maker
21 Thomas Cox, Horn & Bone Button Manfr. Green street intersects.....
26 J. Boyce & Son, Brass Founders etc.
29 John Arthur Moss, Accountant Bradford Street intersects.....
40 Thomas Fuller Naylor, Rectifier
55 Mrs. Sarah Cook, Staymaker Cheapside intersects.....
55 Charless Rudder, Coal Dealer Moseley Street intersects.....
58 Charles Docker, Shopkeeper
64 Rev. George Cheatle
67 Deritend & Bordesley Brewery Co.
Haines, James, & Turner, proprietors
68 William Sanders, Shopkeeper
69 William Allen, Shoeing smith
72 John Allbut, Retail Brewer
Joseph Lane & Son, Varnish Manufrs. Cheapside intersects.....
81 Frederick Kensit, Goldbeaters' Skin Mfr.
85 Henry Billingham, Grocer & Druggist
88 Benj. Shipway, Copper Plate Engraver Bradford Street intersects
91 Mrs. Mary Ann Coates, Milliner
92 Joseph Ward, Engineer & Machinist
95 Hickman & Holt, Cast-Iron Fender Maker
12 Court
William Bishop, Rat Trap Maker Warwick Street intersects.....
140 William Jolly, Locksmith, etc.
142 Compasses, William Ireland

Ansell's - The Better Beer

Mitchells's and Butler's Nourishing Stout Beer Label

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Birmingham : Alcester Street with junction of Green Street at Deritend [2010]

Related Newspaper Articles

"A Birmingham Corporation bus driver, giving evidence at an inquest before the City Coroner today, said that his vehicle was fitted with the new headlamp mask on the off side, and under normal conditions this gave him a ray of light forward of about 10 to 15 yards. The bus concerned had knocked down Polly Gertrude Fowler, married woman, of 33, Allcock Street, Birmingham, a charwoman, on her way to work on Wednesday morning at 6.20. She was in Alcester Street at the time and the bus concerned had just turned out of High Street Bordesley, into Alcester Street. A verdict of "Accidental death" was recorded."
"Alcester Street Fatality"
Birmingham Mail : October 20th 1939 Page 11

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