Some history of the Brookhill Tavern on Alum Rock Road in Birmingham in the County of Warwickshire


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This flagship inter-war house was built for Mitchell's and Butler's and opened on January 20th 1928. Designed by George Bernard Cox of the architectural firm of Harrison and Cox, the building is sort of neo-Jacobean in style. M&B surrendered four licences in order to obtain permission to erect this large building to serve the growing population in the locality. When granting the licence, the chairman of the licensing justices remarked that "the house was a credit to everybody concerned. It was excellently designed on a rather difficult site, but the result was admirable."

Birmingham : Brookhill Tavern on the corner of Alum Rock Road and Brookhill Road [c.1929]

Birmingham : Map extract showing future site of the Brookhill Tavern [1905]

This map extract dated 1905 shows the future site of the Brookhill Tavern. There is little development around the site. However, there was a large factory across the other side of Alum Rock Road. There seems to have been two firms operating at the New Charford Works. A 1912 trade directory lists Macaulay William Henry Southall Bros. & Barclay Limited, surgical dressing manufacturers, along with W. G. Taylor, surgical dressing manufacturer. The Birmingham Daily Gazette reported in March 1924 that Mrs. Florence May Sharp, who started at the mill as a wrapper-up in 1904, rose from position to position until she was appointed to the firm's Board of Directors. She celebrated her breaking of the glass ceiling in March 1924 by entertaining the whole workforce, numbering almost 1,000, to a whist drive and dance at Birmingham Town Hall.

The couple appointed to manage the Brookhill Tavern were Edward and Winifred Parsons. The publican held the licence from the opening day until January 1960 when it was transferred to Charles Field. Edward and Winifred Parsons, having married during World War One, had previously run the Liverpool Arms on Curzon Street.

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Birmingham : Alum Rock Road frontage of the Brookhill Tavern [c.1930]

Birmingham : Smoke Room of the Brookhill Tavern on the corner of Alum Rock Road and Brookhill Road [c.1929]

Birmingham : Assembly Room of the Brookhill Tavern on the corner of Alum Rock Road and Brookhill Road [c.1929]

Birmingham : Garden of the Brookhill Tavern on the corner of Alum Rock Road and Brookhill Road [c.1929]

Birmingham : Grounds of the Brookhill Tavern on the corner of Alum Rock Road and Brookhill Road [c.1929]

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Licensees of the Brook Tavern

1928 - 1960 Edward Harry Parsons
1960 - 1972 Charles Harvey Field
1972 - 1976 Kenneth Roy Townsend
1976 - 1977 Peter Stockwell
1977 - 1980 William Edward Lawrence
1980 - 1981 Paul Alfred Stone
1981 - 1982 Alan Frederick Wright
1982 - 1986 Roland Millers
1986 - 1986 Murray Kent Carlson
1986 - 1988 Keith Rennison
1988 - 1989 Brian Ernest Dunn
1989 - 1990 Lesley Mary Ryan
1990 - 1991 Brian Ernest Dunn
1991 - 1991 Raymond George Malin
1991 - 1991 Graeme John Vaughan
1991 - 1993 Shirley Young
1993 - 2001 Kathleen Fiona Kiernan
2001 - 2004 Ian Michael Stewart
2004 - Craig Rodney O'Doherty

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"Police found a deadly AK-47 in a derelict Birmingham pub as part of a six-month war on gangsters by a new team of cops. The deadly firearm had been stashed in the old Brookhill pub on Alum Rock Road, which had been used as a weapons dump. The find was highlighted as West Midlands Police said shootings had more than halved in the six months since the Birmingham Organised Crime Team was expanded in May. Officers have also seized over £163,000 in drugs and almost £40,000 in suspected drug money. Between May and November, officers assigned to the unit made 161 arrests - including 34 men aligned to 'mapped' Organised Crime Groups - and seized a stash of guns, imitation firearms, knives and other weapons. The firearms seizures included the above AK-47 assault rifle found hidden in the disused pub, a Luger pistol and 35 rounds of ammunition, and sawn-off shotguns. All of the guns were sent for forensic testing and will be analysed by experts at the National Ballistics Intelligence Service [NABIS] to see if they were used in crime."
"AK-47 rifle uncovered in Brookhill pub in Alum Rock Road"
by Stephanie Balloo in
Birmingham Evening Mail : December 14th 2019

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