Some history of the Ward End on Alum Rock Road and Burney Lane in Birmingham in the County of Warwickshire


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Technically, this pub belongs to Burney Lane but the pub is located on the junction with Alum Rock Road so I have placed it here where most people will probably relate to it.

The Ward End has a rather unique signature in that it is one of the few public-houses designed by the eminent architect Samuel Nathaniel Cooke, the man responsible for Birmingham buildings that have captured the imagination of many a Brummie, notably the Old Repertory Theatre and the Hall of Memory. He was commissioned by Mitchell's and Butler's to design a character public-house at Ward End, the building being completed and opened for business on September 16th, 1927.

Birmingham : Ward End on the corner of Alum Rock Road and Burney Lane [c.1960]

More information on the Ward End on Alum Rock Road to follow. I probably created the page as I had a link to the Ward End from another page. When building the site it is easier to place links as they crop up rather than go back later on. I realise this is frustrating if you were specifically looking for information on the Ward End. There is information on Birmingham dotted around the website - click here for a suitable starting place.

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Birmingham : Inn Sign of the Ward End on Alum Rock Road and Burney Lane [1993]

Mitchells's and Butler's Export Pale Ale

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Licensees of the Ward End

1928 - Ernest Bickford Simcox
1940 - Herbert Johnson
1952 - George Ainge
Note : this is not a complete list of licensees for this pub.

Mitchells's and Butler's

Mitchells's and Butler's Plate

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Mitchells's and Butler's : Traditional Cask Ales

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Brummagem Boozers

Mitchells's and Butler's Cape Hill Brewery

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