Some history on Balsall Heath in Birmingham in the County of Warwickshire


Balsall Heath Pubs

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Photographs of Balsall Heath

Contemporary Photographs

Ansell's - The Better Beer

Mitchells's and Butler's Nourishing Stout Beer Label

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Related Newspaper Articles

"Arthur Edward Genever [6], 35, Upper Cox Street, Balsall Heath, was knocked down by one of the Central Tramway Co.'s engines, at the cormer of King Street, on Monday evening. He was conveyed to the Queen's Hospital, where it was found that he had sustained a fractured arm, and abrasion of the face and scalp. He was detained."
"Tram Accident"
Warwickshire Herald : June 12th 1890 Page 5

"A verdict of "Accidental death" was returned at Birmingham, today, on Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Jones, aged 72, of 50d Sherbourne Road, Balsall Heath, who was knocked down by a pedal cyclist in Belgrave Road on Friday. Harry Lloyd, of Pedmore Road, Dudley, the rider of the machine, declared that he did not see the woman until he had struck her. "She seemed to drop from nowhere in front of me," he said. Witness was thrown over the handlebars and rendered unconscious. The Corner : "Can you explain how you came to run into this woman?" - "I cannot. It was a dirty night." Medical evidence showed that Mrs. Jones had a fractured base of the skull, and died a few hours after admission to hospital."
"From Nowhere"
Evening Despatch : December 31st 1928 Page 5

Atkinson's Aston Brown Ales

Mitchells's and Butler's Export Pale Ale Beer Label

Ansell's Mild - Brewed in Birmingham

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