Some history of Ansell's Brewery Limited of Aston in Birmingham in the county of Warwickshire.


Founded by Joseph Ansell in 1857, Ansell and Son were originally maltsters and hop merchants but moved into the brewing business in 1881.

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"As a result of discussions which have now reached an advanced stage, the boards of Ind Coope Limited, Tetley Walker Limited and Ansell's Brewery Limited, have come to the conclusion that the development of the Companies' regional and national businesses and assets in closer association should have substantial growth benefits for the Shareholders of all three Companies. They are convinced that this association, by providing improved amenities and wider choice of beers within the Group, through the pooling of management and production techniques, and through mutually satisfactory trading arrangements with other Groups and Companies, would at the same time afford a better service to their customers. It is envisaged that the association would take the form of a merger through the medium of a new Holding Company which would make offers to acquire the whole of the issued share capital of each of the constituent companies by means of an exchange of shares. The constituent companies would continue to operate under their own Boards, with their own managements and staff, and would within their own spheres continue to develop their resources in the way best suited to the Group as a whole. It is intended, subject to the approval of the Board of Trade, that the name of the Holding Company should be Ind Coope, Tetley Ansell Limited, and that its Board, under the Chairmanship of Mr. Edward Thompson and with Lord Brocket and Mr. A. E. Wiley as Joint Vice-Chairmen, should, including these three, consist initially of eleven members, of whom five would be from Ind Coope and three each from Tetley Walker and Ansell's. It is hoped to announce the full terms of merger shortly, when formal offers will be submitted to Shareholders by Baring Brothers & Co. Limited."
Birmingham Daily Post : March 30th 1961 Page 30


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