Some history of Atkinson's Brewery Limited of Aston in Birmingham in the county of Warwickshire.


Founded as Atkinson's Brothers, this company was based at the Aston Park Brewery. Their legacy can still be found in the fabric of some Birmingham pubs and others the company constructed and/or operated further afield. Keen-eyed drinkers will notice the company's "Triple A" trademark on etched window panes or drainpipe heads of surviving public-houses. The company operated taverns in the surrounding areas, particularly in the Black Country and Warwickshire.

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Atkinson's Etched Glass

Atkinson's Pubs in Birmingham

Other Atkinson's Pubs

Atkinson's Ales - Held Up As The Best!

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"We notice that the directors of Atkinson's Brewery, Birmingham, have decided as far as possible to discontinue the plan of employing managers and to replace them with ordinary tied-house tenants. They say in their annul report, published this week, "that they have confidence that the policy they have adopted will ultimately be to the permanent advantage of the Company." It is only reasonable to suppose that when brewers themselves discontinue the system of managed houses there is not much to be said for it even from their own point of view, and much less from that of the general public. The opinion of the practice entertained by the licensed victuallers is seen in the fact that they will not locally allow brewers' managers to become members of their trade associations."
"Local News"
Warwick and Warwickshire Advertiser
December 28th 1907 Page 5


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