Some history of John Joule & Sons Ltd. of Stone in the county of Staffordshire.


This brewery was founded in 1780 in Stone's High Street but the story of the family concern started in 1758 when maltster Francis Joule acquired the White Horse Inn. The adjoining brew-house proved too small for the successful business so he moved to the King's Arms in the High Street during 1767. The White Horse Inn was demolished in the same year when Francis Joule built a house on the site. It would later serve as the home of the company's head brewer.

The King's Arms is thought to have been established in the early 1600s, making it one of the oldest breweries in England. By 1780 Joule had established a public brewery to supply the firm's other pubs. The founder's son, John Joule, took over the company in 1813 and it was named John Joule and Son.

The Trent and Mersey Canal flowed past the rear of company's Newcastle Street Ales Stores which enabled the brewery to sell to other parts of the country. In the mid-19th century beers produced at John Joules and Son were being exported to the United States, Australia and Europe.

In 1873 Joules was sold to three brewers from Liverpool - John Parrington, Thomas Harding and John Harding. Thomas was the father of John but the three men controlled Harding and Parrington Ltd., based at the Brunswick Brewery in St. James's Street, Liverpool. This company was registered on January 1st 1898 but acquired by Cain's in 1920.

Joules was acquired by Bass Charrington in 1970 and production at the Stone brewery ceased in September 1972. A Somerfield supermarket was later built on the site.

Joule's Celebrated Stone Ales [c.1930s]

Joule's Export Stone Ale [c.1930s]

Joule's Stone Ale [c.1910s]

Joule's Mild Ale [c.1940s]

Joule's Stone Ale

Pubs of John Joule & Sons

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