Some history on the county of Cumberland

Photographs of Cumberland

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"At Penrith, yesterday, Frank Pickering, mason, Southwaite, a well-known Cumberland wrestler, was fined £1 and costs for riding a bicycle without either front or rear lights at 10.30 p.m. P.C. Brockhank said he called on defendant to stop but he made an attempt to ride past, knocking witness down and falling off himself. He gave his name as Wilson Thompson, said he was on his way to Preston, and that his mother lived at Millom. Defendant admitted that what he told the constable was untrue. He had been four years in the army and had been drinking with friends. He did not knock the constable down purposely, he did not see him."
"Knocked Policeman Down"
Lancashire Evening Post : April 15th 1919 Page 2

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