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Beer Drinking Cyclist

Yes, that's me ... guilty as charged. A keen cyclist doing the card at the pub. If I hadn't drunk real ale or craft beer I might have been a half-decent cyclist. I am just a tourer and an aging one at that - I creak more than a press-fit bottom bracket. But I like to pedal they way I do and nip into a nice-looking pub whenever I feel the urge for a quick beer. On returning home I do not check my average speed or power output but think about the lovely things I have seen en-route.

Anyway, in this section of the website I will try to cobble together a few bike rides where you can combine some pedalling with sight-seeing and a visit to the pub. Over time, there should be something for everyone - from a potter along the canal to a good century ride or a multi-day tour with some pub stops. Just use the menu below or click on the images to take you to the rides I have compiled. Have fun - and ride safe!

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NOTE : All of the rides I have undertaken in Europe have been via a train journey. With the state of the planet, I DO NOT fly to exotic destinations. Indeed, I only feel contempt for cyclists who jet off to places like Mallorca when it is easy to travel on an electric train to the south of France for winter training. As for those who fly to the lesser-developed world for so-called cycling adventures and poverty-tourism you can go and fuck yourselves you complete fuckwits.

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Advertisement for Raleigh All Steel Bicycles of 1925

French Cyclist [1892]
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