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Postcard to Frederick Johnson of Sheerness [1910]

Posted from Coventry on August 4th 1910, this postcard was sent to Frederick William Johnson, resident of Richmond House at Sheerness in Kent. The message makes reference to Mr. Hunter who wished to be remembered. Though posted in Coventry, the card featured an image from nearby Brandon in Warwickshire. Frederick Johnson was an engineer's fitter but would later operate an amusement arcade at Neptune Terrace in Sheerness.

Postcard to George Elliott of 19 William Street in Kettering [1911]

Dated September 1911, this postcard, sent to George Elliott of 19 William Street in Kettering, was posted at Burton-on-Trent in Staffordshire by what looks like John. George Elliott was born in Cape Town in South Africa but his wife Stella hailed from Yoxall in Staffordshire which may explain the postmark of Burton-on-Trent. The couple had married three years before the date of this postcard. The both worked in the shoe industry.

Postcard to Lily Smith of Sandford Hill near Longton [1912]

Dated August 1912, this postcard, sent to Lily Smith of 47 Heathcote Street at Landford Hill near Longton, was posted at Yoxall in Staffordshire by a woman named Carrie. The 1911 census shows a Lily Smith living in this street but at No.3 rather than 47. She was Lily Endacott and had married Ebenezer Smith in July 1910 and moved into the home of his parents Leonard and Emma Smith. She was born in 1888 at the village of South Zeal in Dartmoor.

Postcard to Winnie and Queenie Wood staying in Traeth Bychan at Marian-Glas on Anglesey [1922]

This postcard was posted in August 1922 to Winnie and Queenie Wood who were on holiday at Traeth Bychan, Marian-glas on Anglesey. The card was from Mabel and posted in Lichfield.

Postcard to Mrs. J. Armstrong of 656 Barnard Street at Vancouver in British Columbia [1904]

This simple seasonal message was posted in Lichfield in December 1904 and sent to Mrs. J. Armstrong at 656 Barnard Street at Vancouver in British Columbia.

Postcard to Mrs. J. P. Gale of Bank House at Holbech in Lincolnshire [1921]

Dated 1921, this is a message to Edith Merryweather Gale, wife of the bank manager John Plowright Gale of Bank House at Holbeach in Lincolnshire. The message refers to a crowded house of nine people at No.22 Bore Street in Lichfield. John Plowright Gale was later manager of the Sleaford branch of the Midland Bank. The couple's only son was killed in action in Italy in February 1944.

Postcard to Mr. & Mrs. Hey, 152 Ashbrow Road, Fartown, Huddersfield [191;?]

Featuring a Christmas message, this postcard was sent to Ernest and Bertha Hey of Ashbrow Road at Fartown near Huddersfield. The card was sent from Redditch by a friend, Mrs. R., who was living at Wixford in Warwickshire. Working for the local council, Ernest Hey was a tram driver.

Postcard to Dorothy Harrison of Halesowen [1948]

Dated June 1948, this postcard, sent to Miss Dorothy Harrison of Tenter Drive in Halesowen featured a holiday message from Harwich in Essex. Born in April 1922, Dorothy Harrison worked as a clerk in a grocer's office.

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Mystery Atkinson's Pub Painting

"Does anyone recognise this pub? This painting has been hanging in our house in Devon for 50 years and nobody knows anything about it! It would be lovely to find out more about it."
Savannah Olde
Devon February 26th 2021

Thanks to a resident of Evesham this has been identified as the Green Dragon at Sambourne.

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"May I make an enquiry through your readers I am interested in genealogy and have been compiling a family tree. My father was born in Wilnecote and I have traced three generations before him who also lived there. My father's name was Aucott and I would be interested to hear from anybody who may have a similar interest in genealogy, particularly in this family. The spelling of this name varies from Aucott to Allcott, Alcote, etc. Does anybody recall seeing a family grave for example, in which case I would be pleased to know the wording of the inscription, particularly of pre-1900 grave[s]. My main interest is in the following Christian names: Benjamin / Lizetts. William / Catherine and Joseph / wife's name not known. V. A. Morgan, 69, The Oxleys, Harlow, Essex."
"Genealogy Query"
Coleshill Chronicle : January 28th 1977 Page 5

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