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Ind Family

Burton-on-Trent :s Ind Coope Brewery & Co. Limited

I am tracing my genealogy after the passing of my father, Robert John Ind [24/11/1935 - 26/08/2019]. He talked about us being related to the Ind Coope brewing, but my early investigations do not come up with any connection. I have tracked my direct lineage back to Ind Hindye [16GGF] born in 1470 Gloucestershire, who had a son Thomas born in 1495. My 3rd great grandfather, a Jon Thomas Ind, was born in 1794 in Avening, Gloucestershire, he died on December 27th, 1859 in Laycock, Wiltshire. It was his son George Ind [born 27/07/1819 Tetbury England - died 29/06/1898 Daylesford Australia] that was transported to Australia, that I'm directly descended from. I have found a few Edward Inds that where sons of Edward's, but none of them I could link to Elizabeth Flowers. As my surname is relatively rare here in Australia any information about how the family line divided and ended up in other parts of Australia and America would be greatly appreciated. I am planning a trip to England in 2022, and would love to visit some of the places that have ancestral significance, and will definitely include Burton into my stops. I would also love to meet any living relatives that I'm related to, just to see how a few generations and a sea has changed any family resemblance.
Jon Ind
Chiltern, Victoria, Australia
December 5th 2019

I do not know it this is related to your George Ind but there was an article in the Salisbury and Winchester Journal of Saturday February 25th 1843 which stated that "The following convicts have been removed from the County Gaol to the prison at Pentonville, London : Henry Jones, George Gibbons, Thomas Chamber and George Ind, ten years each. In the previous month he was sentenced to ten years' transportation for sheep stealing. His father John was sentenced to 18 months' hard labour for his part in stealing lambs from John Hopson of Stroudwater. Kieron

William Turner

Butler's Drinking Glass

Thanks for the great read of the Butler's Brewery on the website. My wife's family moved to Bilston in the late 1800s from Birmingham and many family members still live in the Merry Hill area of Wolverhampton. I have been passed the carer of an old Butler's Brewery drinking glass and was wondering if you could provide some information about the glass? I'm told it could be over 150 yrs old, passed through the family from Uncle "Bill" William Turner, son of Edith Turner. How would I discover if there is a connection to the brewery, if there was one or if it was just a glass acquired for relaxing with a beer£ I attach a photo of the glass [above] which is in excellent condition, with no other marking other the Butler's image.
Dominic Craddock
London, November 2nd 2019