Some history on Twyning in the county of Gloucestershire


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Twyning Pubs

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Mitchells's and Butler's Export Pale Ale Beer Label

Ansell's - The Better Beer

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Related Newspaper Articles

"An accident happened in the Square at Blakeney on Tuesday last week, the victim being the wife of the vicar of Twyning, who, with her young son and daughter, were on their way to Tintern. They were cycling down the steep curving hill from Newnham into Blakeney, when the lady, who was leading, found her brake power was insufficient to hold her back. She went on at a great pace past the church, through the Square, and crossing over the kerb, dashed into the big window of John Hammonds, smashing it to pieces. The frightened children came on safely behind. Mrs. Havergal, was bleeding from cuts on the left arm and forehead, when she was carried into the police station. Fortunately, however, she was found to be not very seriously injured, and later in the day she was conveyed to her home."
"Accident to Mrs. Havergal"
Evesham Standard : September 11th 1920 Page 7

"Mary Hopton, younger daughter of Mr. J. Hopton, of Church End, met with a serious accident. While motor-cycling she collided with a milk float on Sunday evening at Strensham, as a result of which she lies in Pershore Hospital, with the possibility of losing her left arm. She was accompanied on the motorcycle by her friend Basil Willis, but it is not clear as to which of the two was on the pillion seat. However, in passing a milk-float opposite the Moat House Farm, the machine skidded into the float, throwing the occupants of the float out. The girl had her left arm badly fractured and all the muscles torn out, and Willis sustained injuries to his head. The couple were conveyed to the hospital by Mr. Long, of the Moat House Farm. It is stated that the condition of Miss Hopton's arm is such that that it will probably have to be amputated. She is well-known in the Tewkesbury district."
"Serious Motor Accident"
Evesham Standard : July 10th 1926 Page 4

"When a black cat ran across the road and became jammed in the front wheel of his motor-cycle, Reginald Farbrother. of Twyning, and his fiancée, who was riding as pillion passenger, received injuries which necessitated Farbrother being detained at Tewkesbury Hospital. The cat was instantly killed."
"Unlucky Black Cat"
Evesham Standard : July 17th 1937 Page 6

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