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Acock's Green History Society

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You will have to trawl far and wide on the Internet to come across another local history website that has more material than that found on the pages for the Acock's Green History Society. However, I didn't find much on public houses! Mind you, they seem to have all other bases covered - and in terrific detail. Warning : click on the above link and you may find yourself absorbed for many hours. Still, never mind the soaps or the washing-up as you will come away with enough information to scoop any pub quiz on Acock's Green and Yardley.

Photo by D. J. Norton

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Although this website covers other parts of the Midlands, I am listing it under Birmingham because it features a wealth of material on the city. This remarkable website is being constructed by Mark Norton as a memorial to his father Dennis John Norton. Born in Birmingham in 1930, he was forced to move to Herefordshire to alleviate his asthma symptoms, a condition which sadly claimed his life at the young age of 35. He left a priceless archive of photographs that he captured and developed during the 1950s and 1960s. Dennis Norton took many photographs of Birmingham before the city's large scale development programme and, as a result, the images are a treasure trove of the post-war city. Mark has also showcased photographs from other collections, notably images collected by Geoff Thompson. There is also a large collection of railway photographs as this was a key interest to Dennis Norton, a man who left a rich visual legacy of former times.

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Black Country

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