Some information on the Oedipus Brewing at Amsterdam-Noord in Nederland


After enjoying a great tasting session at the Walhalla Brouwerij and Proeflokaal, we cycled the short distance - it is less than a kilometre - to visit Oedipus Brewing, the online blurb being that "they have a taproom at their vibrant home where they make beers and bring all the good things in life together under one roof!" As we approached things were looking promising. We could hear music, people having fun. Heck, they are all drinking beer. As we rolled into the yard we were approached by somebody asking what we wanted. Why, some of this loveliness of course. I assume he was one of the bosses because he informed us that we were not welcome as the event was for invited guests only. I assumed it was to mark the end of brewing with the old plant as there seemed to be new shiny plant inside. However, it was only later that I learned the brewery tap was moving to new premises. I did ask if we could just buy one beer but the answer was no. To be fair to him, he brought out two bottles to put in our panniers, refusing any payment. So, not much to report on our visit. Disappointed, we headed off towards our next brewery tap of the day.

Amsterdam : Oedipus Brewing Tanks [2024]
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Oedipus Brewing

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