Pub Quiz : 1958


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Pub Quiz : 1958

Question 1
First published in the United Kingdom by Jonathan Cape on March 31st 1958, which book's eponymous villain was influenced by Sax Rohmer's Fu Manchu stories?

Pub Quiz : 1958 [Question 2]

Question 2
Name the player [see image above] who appeared on the front cover of Charles Buchan's Football Monthly dated December 1958?

Pub Quiz : 1958 [Question 3]

Question 3
What is the stage name of the nun [see above film publicity lobby card] who, playing the role of a Five and Dime employee, starred in a musical drama film with Elvis Presley, a motion picture released in 1958?

Pub Quiz : 1958 [Question 4]

Question 4
Which car model [see above image] was featured on the front cover of The Motor magazine published in August 1958?

Pub Quiz : 1958 [Question 5]

Question 5
Name the psychological thriller film [see above publicity poster] that was released in 1958 in which James Stewart starred as former police detective John "Scottie" Ferguson?

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Pub Quiz : 1958 [Question 6]

Question 6
How much did it cost to buy this postage stamp in 1958?

Pub Quiz : 1958 [Question 7]

Question 7
Above there are four 45rpm singles by Duran Duran, The Undertones, The Jam and Iron Maiden. What is the link that connects all four of these records?

Pub Quiz : 1958 [Question 8]

Question 8
Where did Kurt Spieldburg, co-author of the above 1958 book, gain his Ph.D. in Physics?

Pub Quiz : 1958 [Question 9]

Question 9
Take a look at the above photograph .... name the football team or country represented at the 1958 World Cup finals staged in Sweden?

1958 Half Penny

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Question 10
Name the Formula One superstar, winner of five World Drivers' Championships, who was kidnapped in 1958?

Question 11
Name the famous vegetarian born in Bexleyheath in 1958?

Pub Quiz : 1958 [Question 12]

Question 12
Which fan of West Bromwich Albion claimed that the 1958 novel "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" was the first book he read at the age of 21?

Pub Quiz : 1958 [Question 13]

Question 13
Celebrating their new floodlights, which team played West Bromwich Albion in 1958, the front cover of the programme being featured in the above image?

Pub Quiz : 1958 [Question 14]

Question 14
What drink could this motorcycle gang order at the bar?

Question 15
Name the novel published in 1958 in which the main character is a vacuum cleaner salesman?

Pub Quiz : 1958 [Question 16]

Question 16
Which one of the four artists on this 1958 record went Football Crazy?

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Question 17
Who was the number 53 310 761 applied to in 1958?

Pub Quiz : 1958 [Question 18]

Question 18
Name the capital city associated with the cover photograph or book cover of Top Record Stars, a publication issued in 1958?

Pub Quiz : 1958 [Question 19]

Question 19
Name the cover star on this 1958 edition of Photoplay magazine?

Pub Quiz : 1958 [Question 20]

Question 20
Name the landmark building erected for the 1958 Universal Exhibition at Brussels?

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