Pub Quiz : Snooker


Pub Quiz : Snooker

Question 1
In which country was snooker first played by British army officers?

Pub Quiz : Snooker [Question 2]

Question 2
What was this pianist's [see image above] contribution to snooker in 1969?

Pub Quiz : Snooker [Question 3]

Question 3
Which trophy is being held aloft in the above photograph?

Pub Quiz : Snooker [Question 4]

Question 4
Name the "Just Stop Oil" protester who climbed on to the snooker table during the first-round match between Robert Milkins and Joe Perry in the 2023 World Snooker Championship at Sheffield?

Pub Quiz : Snooker [Question 5]

Question 5
Name the actual snooker hall where the odd bit of ultra-violence took place? [see image above]

Pub Quiz : Snooker [Question 6]

Question 6
In which year was this issue of the Radio Times published?

Pub Quiz : Snooker [Question 7]

Question 7
Who is playing snooker in the above image?

Pub Quiz : Snooker [Question 8]

Question 8
Name the professional snooker player depicted on the above drinks coaster/beer mat?

Pub Quiz : Snooker [Question 9]

Question 9
Where was the Queen Mother playing snooker when this photograph was taken in 1980?

Pub Quiz : Snooker [Question 10]

Question 10
Name the referee on Side 1 on this LP record?

Pub Quiz : Snooker [Question 11]

Question 11
Name the television programme in the still featured above?

Pub Quiz : Snooker [Question 12]

Question 12
Name the author of this bedside snooker book?

Pub Quiz : Snooker [Question 13]

Question 13
In which country was the sponsor of this event based?

Question 14
What do the following artists have to do with a famous snooker player - Charlie Kunz, Stanley Holloway, Nat King Cole, Vera Lynn, Felix Mendelssohn, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra and Celeste Holm?

Question 15
Who once delivered the line "Perhaps I ought to chalk it"?

Pub Quiz : Snooker [Question 16]

Question 16
Name the snooker player [pictured above] in caricature print?

Pub Quiz : Snooker [Question 17]

Question 17
From which musical was the single "The Snooker Song" taken?

Pub Quiz : Snooker [Question 18]

Question 18
Name the Canadian snooker player who, it was reported, had successfully claimed the cost of 6 pints of lager before every match as a tax deductible expense?

Question 19
Name the referee who left the professional snooker tour in March 2015 following a dispute with World Snooker Ltd., against which she brought a case alleging sex discrimination, unfair dismissal, and breach of contract?

Pub Quiz : Snooker [Question 20]

Question 20
Technically a billiards question, in which year was this postage stamp franked?

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