Download Image of the Mill House and Windmill at Hagworthingham in Lincolnshire

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Hagworthingham : Mill House and Windmill [c.1931]

A nice clean photograph of Mill House and the windmill at Hagworthingham in Lincolnshire, also known as Hagg Mill. The house still stands just off Deep Lane, though the windmill has lapsed into a poor state. Historically using common sails, the mill was later fitted with patent sails with shutters. The mill and land was sold in the Spring of 1826 when an auction was held in the nearby George and Dragon Inn. The auction included the corn windmill, dwelling house, bakehouse, stables and other out-buildings, along with five roods of land in the occupation of Henry Oldrid.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries the Measures family operated the windmill. In the 1880s George Measures was documented as a corn miller and baker. The family operated a bakery shop. I suspect that this photograph dates from early 1930s as a bill poster in the shop window is advertising the comedy film "See America Thirst," the movie that popularised flip-flop sandals. The bill poster also features the British musical crime film "The Yellow Mask," another 1930 movie. A notice above the front door reveals that the shop was also licensed to sell tobacco.

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Framed Photograph of the Mill House and Windmill at Hagworthingham [c.1931]

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Hagworthingham : Mill House and Windmill [c.1931]

Hagworthingham : Mill House and Windmill [c.1931]

Hagworthingham : Mill House and Windmill [c.1931]

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