Some history of the Moat House at Acton Trussell in the County of Staffordshire


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Acton Trussell : Feature Advertisement on The Moat House [1988]

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Acton Trussell : The Moat House [2002]

Acton Trussell : The Moat House with Moat [2002]

Acton Trussell : The Moat House and Beer Garden [2002]

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Acton Trussell : Map extract showing the Moat House [1884]

Licensees of the Moat House

1988 - Mary & John Lewis
Note : this is not a complete list of licensees for this hotel.

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"George Emery, alias "Doughy," labourer, Penkridge, was charged with damaging growing grass, the property of Henry Harris, by walking over it, and doing damage to the amount of 3d. on August 31. William Pilbury, gamekeeper in the employ of Lord Hatherton, stated that about ten o'clock on the night named he saw the defendant and other men seeking mushrooms in a field at the Moat House Farm, Acton Trussell, of which Mr. Harris was the occupier. He caught the prisoner, but the others broke through a fence and got away. Mr. Harris gave evidence of the amount of the damage. Defendant was ordered to pay fine, damage, and costs, amounting to lls. 9d. John Thurstance, and Albert Thurstance, labourers, Penkridge, were charged with a like offence on September 4th, on the same farm. The keeper, Pilbury, gave evidence to the offence which, he said, occurred about one o'clock at night. John Thurstance's wife said he was obliged to get mushrooms. Mr. Gilpin said he would be fined 10s. 6d. including costs, he seemed to be incorrigible. The other man, Albert, would have to pay 8s. 3d., fine and costs. He ought to know better. Albert Thurstance stated "You can't know better when you haven't got anything to eat."
"Caution to Mushroom Gatherers"
Staffordshire Chronicle : September 24th 1887 Page 5

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