Some history of the Swan Inn at Aldridge in the County of Staffordshire


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Aldridge : Map extract showing the location of the Swan Inn [1886]

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Aldridge : Sale of the Swan Inn [1889]

Aldridge : Swan Inn [c.1957]

Aldridge : Swan Inn and High Street [c.1956]

This photograph was taken around the mid-1950s. The pub was next door to the Anchor Inn. In the 20th century both public-houses were operated by Atkinson's Brewery Ltd. The saloon car in the photograph is rather unusual for post-war Aldridge. The car is possibly a 1938 Mercury V8 or its Ford cousin. The vehicle had been converted to right-hand drive, which may be the reason for the windscreen wipers being moved to the top of the windows.

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Licensees of the Swan Inn

1834 - James Briscoe
1851 - James Briscoe
1861 - James Briscoe
1861 - John Cook
1868 - Mrs. Mary Ann Street
1872 - Mrs. Mary Ann Street
1880 - Mrs. Jane Rhodes
1896 - John Darrall
1902 - John Patrick NcNally
1912 - Peter Battle Cook
1932 - Wallace Weir
1940 - Amy Weir
1940 - James Thomas Osbourne
Note : this is not a complete list of licensees for this pub. The dates of early licensees are sourced from trade directories, census data, electoral rolls, rate books and newspaper articles. Names taken from trade directories may be slightly inaccurate as there is some slippage from publication dates and the actual movement of people.

Atkinson's Ales - Held Up as The Best!

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Related Newspaper Articles

"John Patrick McNally, landlord of the Swan Inn, Aldridge, appealed against the decision of the justices of the Rushall Petty Sessional Division convicting him of having permitted drunkenness, of being drunk on licensed premises, and of supplying drink to a drunken man. Mr. Plumptre was for the appellant, and Mr. Vachell for the respondents. Mr. Vachell said that for permitting drunkenness appellant was fined £5. and costs and the licence endorsed, and for being drunk on licensed premises he was fined 10s. and costs. On September 16th the Wakes were being held at Aldridge, and at seven o'clock in the evening a policeman went into the Swan Inn and observed that the landlord was rather the worse for drink. Later in the evening the constable again went into the house and saw the landlord and a man named McDonough in a club room drunk, the latter being so drunk he fell on the floor. Several witnesses were called in support of the allegation that the two named persons were drunk. Appellant gave evidence that on the day of the Wakes he had an extension of an hour. He asked the police to visit the house as often as possible to see that the house was kept in order. He denied that he was drunk. McDonough had been dancing and, becoming dizzy, he slipped down, and he was not drunk. Other witnesses gave evidence in support of the appeal, and all asserted that the men were sober. Mr. Plumptre, in addressing the Court, contended that the punishment imposed was altogether out of proportion to the offences, which all took place at the same time and under the same circumstances, and that the case had not been made out that the men were drunk. The Court dismissed the appeal with costs, but removed one of the endorsements, the Chairman saying that the magistrates did not appear to have taken advantage of section 57 of the Act."
"Licensing Appeal"
Licensed Trade News : January 4th 1902

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