Some history of the Staffordshire Knot at Darlaston in Staffordshire


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The Staffordshire Knot originally opened as a beer house and was located on the northern side of Pinfold Street, on the eastern corner of Catherine's Cross. It was not until April 1936 that the house gained a full licence. It was transferred from the New Inn on King Street.

Darlaston : Staffordhire Knot on the corner of Pinfold Street and Catherine's Cross [c.1933]

Dating from the early 1930s, this photograph shows the Staffordshire Knot in the livery of Atkinson's Brewery Ltd. of Aston in Birmingham. In the Edwardian period the building was operated by John Rolinson and Son Ltd. of Netherton. Surviving into the 21st century, the building has a lovely exterior of glazed brickwork. I assume that this work was undertaken in 1904 because in March of that year the magistrates approved plans for alterations. It was not a total rebuild of the house, but a significant improvement to the exterior.

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More information on the Staffordshire Knot at Darlaston to follow. I probably created the page as I had a link to the Staffordshire Knot from another page. When building the site it is easier to place links as they crop up rather than go back later on. I realise this is frustrating if you were specifically looking for information on the Staffordshire Knot. There is information on Darlaston and Staffordshire dotted around the website - click here for a suitable starting place.

Darlaston : Staffordhire Knot on the corner of Pinfold Street and Wolverhampton Street [2003]

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Licensees of the Staffordshire Knot

1875 - William Glover
1904 - Thomas Smith
1920 - 1924 William Thomas Willmore
1924 - 1930 George William Newbould
1930 - 1931 Thomas Allaway
1931 - 1931 John Leslie Paddock
1931 - 1940 Richard Mark
1940 - 1940 Daniel Gibbons
1940 - 1946 Charles Albert Taylor
1946 - 1951 William Henry Shuker
1951 - 1964 William Richard Hulse
1964 - 1965 Benjamin Beards
1965 - 1967 Albert Reginald Bennett
Note : this is not a complete list of licensees for this pub.

Atkinson's Triple A

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"Because he chose to take a short cut on the wrong side of the traffic island at the junction of Catherine's Cross and Pinfold Street, Darlaston. John Henry Walker, of 29 Mill Street, Darlaston was summoned for failing, as motor van driver, to conform to the traffic signs and was fined 10s. For failing to keep proper records of hours and journeys he was ordered to pay 4s. costs."
"Ten Shilling Short Cut"
Walsall Observer & South Staffordshire Chronicle
January 14th 1939 Page 14

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