History and Information on Kingswinford in the County of Staffordshire.


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Kingswinford Pubs

Some history of Kingswinford

More information on Kingswinford to follow. I probably created the page as I had a link to Kingswinford from another page. When building the site it is easier to place links as they crop up rather than go back later on. I realise this is frustrating if you were specifically looking for information on Kingswinford. There is information on Staffordshire dotted around the website - click here for a suitable starting place.

Kingswinford : Saint Mary's Parish Church [2011]

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Kingswinford Photographs

Kingswinford : Post Office [c.1934]

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Genealogy Connections

If you have a genealogy story or query regarding Kingswinford you can contact me and I will post it here in addition to including your message within the website pages for Staffordshire Genealogy.

Have Your Say

If you would like to share any further information on Kingswinford - perhaps you drank in one of the pubs in the past? Or maybe knew a previous publican running one of the boozers? Whatever the reason it would be great to hear of your stories or gossip. Simply send a message and I will post it here.

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Related Newspaper Articles

"Edward Parton, Kingswinford, was charged with being drunk and disorderly and also with assaulting Henry Edward Worrall on the 25th June. Police Constable Adams said he saw defendant at Townsend, Kingswinford, drunk and making use of bad language. Henry Edward Worrell said that on the date mentioned he and defendant had a few words at Kingswinford and had a fight in which he was the victor. Witness then went to the reading room, and defendant, after he had been there some little time, came in with an open knife and made a stab at him, cutting his coat. Defendant made two other attempts to stab him. Defendant said he had nothing to say upon it. The Stipendary said as far as the fight was concerned, complainant was as bad as defendant, but the use of the knife must be stopped. Defendant would be committed for 21 days hard labour for the case of assault, and there would be no adjudication in the drunkenness."
"The Use Of The Knife"
County Advertiser & Herald : June 30th 1894 Page 5

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