Some history on Quarry Bank in the county of Staffordshire


Quarry Bank Pubs

Photographs of Quarry Bank

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"On Sunday afternoon John Thompson, aged 30, a chainmaker, of Birch Coppice, Quarry Bank, sustained serious injuries to the abdomen in a somewhat unusual manner. A few days ago he purchased a quantity of scrap-iron, and whilst rummaging amongst it he discovered an old-fashioned revolver. The instrument was in bad condition, the trigger being broken. He was examining the revolver, and after a while succeeded in moving the chamber, the revolution of which resulted in his receiving a bullet in the stomach. Dr. Taylor, of Brierley Hill, was summoned, and found Thompson suffering considerable pain and in a critical state. Since Thursday week the revolver had been in many hands, and it was not known till Sunday, at the time of the accident, that the chambers contained a couple of cartridges."
"An Old Revolver"
Dudley Chronicle : August 23rd 1913 Page 5

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